Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery) by Merissa Racine – Review by Chrissy Spulak

Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery)Shadows of Doubt by Merissa Racine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery) by Merissa Racine is the second installment in the Crawford Mystery series. In book 2 we continue to follow Lauren, court stenographer, further into her new job as she now works for her ex-husband who takes his place as judge. This time, when her town of Crawford is faced with a murder, she must either do what she is being paid to do, or go with her gut instincts. I totally appreciate the portrayal of strong and smart women protagonists, and Lauren has quickly become a favorite of mine. I started out with little knowledge of legal matters, but had no problems becoming engrossed in this story from book 1. The author is knowledgeable of the legal process, but writes it in a way that is engrossing, as well as believable. I fully recommend this series and hope there is a book 3!

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