Strega – Magic: The Spirit Never Dies by Lynne Russell

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Strega – Magic: The Spirit Never Dies by Lynne Russell
Genre – Magical Realism, Witch, Romantic Suspense
Page Count – 330 pages
Cover Designer – Karen Shipley
STREGA – Magic: The Spirit Never Dies
“I was born on the white November day the Baptismal font cracked. Big, and right down the middle. Not a good sign in the Italian immigrant stronghold of Ocean County, New Jersey. Six weeks later, the second they wrapped up the christening my Godfather – running late for a meeting at an unspecified location – gently kissed my forehead and signaled to the bouncer waiting at the door to ‘Git the friggin cah stahted.’ And that’s the good part.” – Annie
STREGA – Magic: The Spirit Never Dies is a rich novel from acclaimed storyteller Lynne Russell, set along the shores of modern day Massachusetts and in the Old Country of southern Italy, where the hereditary witchcraft of Benevento province is legendary. Indeed, Strega means witch in Italian. Steeped in history but with a sense of humor, this is a tale of Reincarnation, Family, Love, Hope. About the Joy we can pull out of suffering. About Feminine Sovereignty and Gifts passed down through the ages. And about a certain magical liquore enjoyed to this very day, and the importance of sharing it with your true other half.
Angela Scotti (Annie) is a third-year medical student very near to achieving her dream of becoming a healer. But destiny, Destino, has other plans for her. Tragedies in her short life refuse to give her peace. Worse, her fiancé, a successful New York divorce lawyer, gives no credence to the urgent whispers she has begun to hear in the night. They swirl around her and warn that the clock is ticking, that the time is near, but they never say what she should do. Even worse, in her hospital work her mentor has become her enemy, and she faces the fight alone.
This beautifully written, cinematic account of the women who preceded Annie moves smoothly through Italy of 1617 and 1899. Today, a prisoner of her unsettled present, Annie flees to the calming waves and fresh salt air of Massachusetts. Without warning she runs headlong into the frightening Past, a past that threatens to destroy her. Yet she finds hope, and love, and herself in the most unlikely places. Will she recognize it in time?


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LYNNE RUSSELL is the first woman to anchor a regular network primetime nightly newscast, 33,000+ of them. For her unbiased dedication to the People’s Right to Know, The New York Times called her a “just-the-facts stalwart of CNN Headline News”. They also called her a  news anchor with the personality of a professional wrestler, which she took as a compliment. Washington Journalism Review: a spot as Best in the Business. The Washington Post: “We are, frankly, devastated by the news…Lynne Russell is leaving…the future seems a little sadder.”


Now she writes tales of magical realism, Strega, and the PJ Santini series of romantic crime novels, including Hell On Heels, Heels Of Fortune, and Love Heels!  PJ Santini is the TV journalist and private eye whom Rita Zekas of The Toronto Star calls “the love child of Janet Evanovich and Elmore Leonard”.  Russell’s style is compared to James Patterson and his character Alex Cross.


As for serious storytelling, Lynne is equally proud of having hosted the first U.S. cable in the classroom project with Bob Cain, as their “CNN Week in Review” was introduced in schools.


Private investigator, double black belt, former Deputy Sheriff, she and her husband live near Washington, D.C. and in Italy.

Author Interview With Lynne Russell




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