Practically Pagan – An Alternative Guide to Magical Living by Maria DeBlassie – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Magical LivingPractically Pagan – An Alternative Guide to Magical Living by Maria DeBlassie
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As someone that was looking for a little bit of more magic in my daily life, I thought that this book was a must read. I was not disappointed with the insight and advice the author gives throughout the book. The book is full of practical advice on how to incorporate magic into your everyday living by doing small things. She explains to us that there is magic in the everyday things that we might overlook and tells us to seek joy and experience magic in the things that we might otherwise take for granted and consider boring. She teaches us how to connect with ourselves, practice self-care and live a life of joy. As the author says after all, true magic is in the everyday. And yes, it truly is.

I loved reading this book and how the author laid things out in such a simplistic manner. It was very easy to read and very well laid out. It was a nice reminder to not take life for granted and to just find joy in the moment. We all need to slow down and experience joy in the little things that we do, savor the moment and live life. I found it was also helpful to learn about other methods of self-care that were a little bit different than the typical ones that you hear about all the time like lighting scented candles or having a relaxing hot bath. I will be taking this advice to heart and practicing magic in the moments that each day brings. This is a must read for anyone that’s just looking for a way to slow down and bring joy back into their lives.

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