Checking Boxes by Magdoline Ward

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Checking Boxes by Magdoline Ward
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 329

His name was Ian. My name was Grace. But in a city of eight million people, who cared about names.

Surprisingly, he did. We’d bumped into each other once, but Ian remembered my name and the fact that I owned a flower shop.

And… he knew I walked to my shop every day. A bit stalkerish, I feared.

Then he offered me a place to live when I needed one. I’d cook him dinner every night for a rent-free stay.

Yep. Right. Too good to be true.

I accepted when I should have stayed away.

After getting finally on the right track to having the stable life I wanted, I didn’t need to throw a mysterious guy into the mix.

But despite my best wishes to protect myself, I was so intrigued by him. He was enigmatic, handsome, successful—a man who owned his world.

And it didn’t help that he sought after me relentlessly. So, for a while, I’d silenced my doubts.

Physically he was there, checking all the right boxes with me, but his heart held to a secret he swore I would never unveil.


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 Writing is a joyful journey. An escape into another world, dealing with situations I may never encounter in life. It’s a big challenge to make decisions on behalf of strangers, only for them to surprise me with their unexpected wishes. Then, the two worlds collide. I don’t know what’s real and what’s in my head.



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