Jake the Growling Dog Shares His Trail (Jake the Growling Dog Book 3) by Samantha Shannon

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Jake the Growling Dog Shares His Trail (Jake the Growling Dog Book 3) by Samantha Shannon
Genre – Kids, Family
Page Count – 61
Cover Designer – Lei Yang

Jake’s third kids book about diversity, disability awareness, sharing, and kindness from the top-selling Jake the Growling Dog children’s books. 

Jake loves hiking on his trail most of all.

He’s proud to say that he made it with his own four paws

What happens when Jake fears something new on his hike?

Will he learn that despite our differences, we are so much alike?

Follow Jake, a sweet, kind, and misunderstood dog, as he learns more about sharing, facing his fears, and the many remarkable differences in the world.

Jake loves his favorite trail, but when he and Neet encounter something different on the trail, their minds are full of worry. The two friends find it difficult to sleep, face new feelings that question their love for sharing, and even find it hard to enjoy their favorite things. When Jake’s friends Bodhi and Luna come over to play, they won’t let their friends worry all alone. Will Jake overcome his fears and have fun? And what is this new strange thing that’s trying to share his trail? Kindness, open minds, and aid from loved ones fill this children’s book.

Looking for Kids Books about Sharing, Disability Awareness, and Facing Fear for Kids?

Jake the Growling Dog Shares His Trail is a fun-loving tale about sharing, finding friendship despite differences, and overcoming fear.

Author and licensed educational counselor, Samantha Shannon, brings Jake back to show that even brave, sweet, and kind dogs get scared, and sometimes fear makes us do or feel different. We’ve all been protective of something we love and allowed our imaginations to run wild. Jake’s kids book shows kids that they aren’t alone in having those emotions or feelings. The story gives gentle suggestions on handling fears, meeting new friends who might look or act differently, and all while having a blast with their favorite growly character and his furry friends.

Includes Social-Emotional Conversation Starters and Fun Activities for Children, Families, Schools, and Counselors to help with sharing, disability awareness, overcoming worries, and more!

This kids book is packed with fun while also educating our little ones on overcoming fears, sharing, making new friends, and making someone feel welcome. Along with Jake’s story, this picture book also includes talking points to help our kiddos learn how to share, steps to help children squash worries and fears, and tips on how to get to know someone and possibly make a new friend!

Jake’s third book is packed with more interactive fun as kids get to fill in a sharing list, happy list, and even draw their own kindness critter. Kiddos will also have a blast finding all of their critter friends in a full-color find-and-seek page and learning about the kindness critters they spy on each page.

These activities are perfect for families, schools, and counselors to help bring families and friends closer by encouraging sharing, healthy socio-emotional development and by encouraging awareness and inclusion of others whether they talk, dress, or learn differently or are a person with a disability.

A Positive Children’s Book to Promote Self-Confidence and Empathy

Jake’s story encourages children to meet new people and overcome worries and be kind to others who may be different from them. Knowing we live in a world where everyone is different, but we also have a lot in common, which will help create a kinder world, appreciate differences, and find connections. These topics are presented in subtle, sweet, and impactful ways for both young readers and the supportive adults in their lives.

Ages and Grades

While many kids in grades K-5 (ages 6-11) will be able to read this story independently or with assistance. Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading the story to baby, making it the perfect gift.



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Samantha Shannon is a best-selling author and licensed educational counselor who uses her background in education, love for nature and animals, and experience aiding in the emotional social development of children to create fun and impactful books. Samantha has also published multiple books under her pen name, Parker Sinclair, in the fantasy and YA genres. 

Visit: parkersinclair.net & jakethegrowlingdog.com for more information or find all books on Amazon and Ingram Content. 

Samantha’s love for creatures great and small has led her to incorporate animals in all of the books, from eagles to cheetahs! Throughout her life, Samantha’s family has always included a dog, and they’ve always been more than pets. They were fur-brothers, sisters, and babies. 

When Samantha had her first child in 2009, she wanted to write a picture book based on her sister’s dog, Jake. While visiting her sister in the Pacific Northwest, Samantha realized that Jake growled all the time. He growled while playing frisbee, getting an ear rub, running, and even when he was sleeping! Despite his unusual choice of noisemaking, Jake is a sweet dog, which makes him the perfect character for a children’s picture book.



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