Paige and the Reluctant Artist by Darci Garcia – Review by Carlie Del Gallo

Paige and the Reluctant ArtistPaige and the Reluctant Artist by Darci Garcia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW I could not put this book down! I had not read a book by this author before, and I am glad I did because this was one of the best books that I have read in a long time! This book revolves around Paige and Mark. Paige is a curator at an art gallery who has just found her newest client who paints the most magnificent paintings that she has seen in a long time and travels to his home to try and convince him to paint more pieces because she sees the potential. Mark is a man who owns a large estate where he saves horses and leads a semi-normal life kept to himself after suffering a great tragedy when he was younger. When these two collide, SPARKS LITERALLY FLY, and they cannot stay away from one another. I felt as though I was right there with them when I was reading this book! I had to tear myself away from the book so that I could get work done. If you love good wholesome romances, then this is the next great book to read!!

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