Raine Down (The Shadow Guardians Book 1) by CB Samet – Review by Stephanie Chapman

Raine Down (The Shadow Guardians, #1)Raine Down by C.B. Samet
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Raine is a Shadow Guardian hunting a known killer, Jor, when FBI Agent Will Decker appears. To prevent Will from being hurt by the demonic serpent, Raine intervenes by shooting Jor and being stabbed in the forearm. Jor was not mortally wounded and escaped. Will takes Raine to an emergency room for the stab wound, but the wound is gone. Since she had lost a lot of blood and passed out, Will takes her to a safe house. While he is asleep, Raine sneaks out of the house to see her mentor, Usha Bakshi. Less than a week later, Raine and Will are paired together as partners on an interagency case pursuing Jor.

Raine starts telling Will about the supernatural and nine realms when she notices that all of Jor’s victims are Vanir. Raine is puzzled when Will accepts her explanation of how she was able to heal herself. To complicate matters, Raine has begun to have feelings for Will. A man who never commits to any relationship, Will is confused by his need to gain Raine’s affection. Both of them do not show their feelings. They are complete opposites in how they solve cases as well. Raine has no issue with killing her opponent, whereas Will prefers to apprehend criminals. Will has a secret that he doesn’t reveal until the duo encounters Jor and nearly both nearly lose their lives. What is he hiding? Why is Jor targeting Vanir’s descendants?

Raine Downe is the first book in the Shadow Guardian series by C.B Samet. I found the story to be engaging and despite some of the supernatural elements, the dialogue is realistically depicted. The detail of the story is vivid, making it easy to envision every moment of the story. I definitely recommend this fantasy romance novel to anyone who likes an unpredictable story with strong lead characters. I plan on reading the rest of the series.

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