Knight In The Museum (Jorja Knight Private Investigator Mystery Series Book 5) by Alicia Bienia- Review by Stephanie Driskill

Knight In The Museum ( Jorja Knight Mystery -Book 5)Knight In The Museum by Alice Bienia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jorja Knight is a bada$$ of a character. She is strong, independent, and takes no crap! I love this character! She is asked by a daughter of a former police officer to investigate his mysterious death and boy does she open up a can of worms! Who knew that three deaths were all tied to an ancient and possibly cursed statue? Jorja does not appreciate the way the cops have investigated the deaths, so she finds herself knee deep in her own deadly and dangerous investigation. From a rich eccentric’s museum to a black tie affair at an art gallery, the people involved will shock and amaze you as well as the police corruption that seems to be running rampant. Such a fantastic read and while this is my first Jorja Knight book you better believe that I am going to read each one in the series. What a strong female character that follows her morals and stays with her intuition to solve the deaths until the very end, including when her life is in danger! Fantastic book!!!!!

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