After She Became a Lady by Wareeze Woodson – Review By Devon Pulliam

After She Became a LadyAfter She Became a Lady by Wareeze Woodson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a great historical romance story! Typically books written in the old english language can be hard to follow sometimes but this one isn’t so over bearing with it.

Laurel convinces her aunt to let her marry Lord Laningham. They wed quickly and head to his estate. Where his twin is quickly against and does nothing to hide it. Laurel is left alone while her husband is away at war and let to defend herself against his sister and her antics.

Those early years of marriage are hard, but Laurel’s is made even harder and with every step forward you see Rhonda kicking her two steps back. The biggest question is will Laurel and Robert be able to survive and will their marriage last?

This book was a quick read but I wish there was more. Some of the story line felt a little empty, like it was missing some of the story. But you imagine yourself on the estate with Laurel as she is going through taking over the house.

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