Finding Bryce (Green Brotherhood: SEAL Team XII Book 1) by Debra Parmley- Reviewed by Jamie Burns

Finding Bryce by Debra Parmley is an amazing book! This is one of the few books that I read within hours of beginning. The storyline is fast paced, filled with twists and turns. This books is about Diesel and Pippa who meet one magical night at a masquerade party. They had one night, a night filled with fun and passion, but they did not reveal their identities to each other. Not a big deal, right? Pippa soon finds out some news she she would love to share with her mystery man, but does not know how to reach him. Years pass and life goes on until Diesel’s father sees Pippa at the park. His father becomes intrigued and tells Diesel what he has discovered. Diesel Decides to do some investigating of his own when he discovers Pippa is missing. Will Diesel and his Navy SEAL brothers find Pippa before it is too late? What did Pippa need to tell Diesel? Find out by reading Finding Bryce!

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