How To Write A Historical Novel And Love It by TL Clark – Review by Amanda Haller-Doris

How To Write A Historical Novel And Love ItHow To Write A Historical Novel And Love It by T.L. Clark
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I found this to be a thoroughly well written and researched how to guide on writing a historical novel. The author was extremely knowledgeable in her history of not only Great Britain, but other countries as well. She takes you through the Who, What, Where, Why, and When and all of the pieces to consider with each of them. I enjoyed that the author not only gave very factual and informative information, but her voice was shown throughout the story and made it more enjoyable. It almost felt like you were sitting down with the author as she shared her information and thoughts on writing. After each section she had a small checklist for you to think about as you are writing your story and for new and seasoned writers I think it would be very helpful. This is a wonderful guide that could be helpful for not only historical writers, but writers in general.

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