How To Write A Historical Novel And Love It by TL Clark – Review by Sheri Schrader

How To Write A Historical Novel And Love ItHow To Write A Historical Novel And Love It by T.L. Clark
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How to Write a Historical Novel and Love It: A Beginner’s Guide to Researching, Writing, and Publishing a Historical Book is a well-rounded how-to book. I have read several novels by this author and always enjoy attention to detail. Here all of the pieces are broken down into easy to understand bits. Clark asks questions the author should’ve thought about before delving too far into writing their novel. The different parts include thinking about what period, location, weather, clothing, who is in power, and more. On top of giving sections to think about before moving too far into the writing process, Clark also gives examples for the writer to think about. This is written in a conversational form and allows one to read quickly. Also, because of the setup, it would be easy to go back and reference specific sections while writing. I thought this is a well-thought out handy book to keep if I ever start to write my historical novel.

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