What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers by H.D. Thomson – Review by Jaimie Salmon-Colburn

What I Wish I'd Known: For Writers: 100 Authors Reveal What They Wish They'd Told Their Younger SelvesWhat I Wish I’d Known: For Writers: 100 Authors Reveal What They Wish They’d Told Their Younger Selves by H. D. Thomson
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What an inspiration!! In this book, 100 HIGHLY accomplished authors (I won’t throw out names, but trust me there are so many good ones that I knew and even some I didn’t that I plan to look up!!) talk about what they would have wanted to know when they were first starting out in the writing world. They share not only their time, but also their extensive knowledge in this book. Paying it forward to other aspiring authors. New and old alike! If you feel like you are having problems on what to write, wondering if you are doing it correct, wondering what you should be doing differently, or just need a little help getting motivated this is the book for you!! In the great pages of this book these authors give you encouragement, cautions about some things, so much inspiration, and more!! Things they wish their younger selves would have know before starting their very own writing careers. Imagine if everyone had a handbook on their career path, written by greats before them!!! People would jump at that knowledge! This is that book for authors! You will find SO MUCH helpful information. From writing, the industry itself, the business aspect, what to avoid and what to look for, to time management, lots of ideas and inspiration, and even stuff about conflicts that can arise with friends and family! It really is just a HUGE book on a writing career and what you need and don’t need to get where they are/have been. With each new author I found at LEAST one thing that I loved about their entry in this book. The way some of them write their entries, is just as inspiring! You can tell that a lot of love and care went into their words for others. You can find some real gems! Authors inspiring other authors to get their stories into the world! I LOVE IT!! I wish I would have read this book sooner! Maybe it would have pushed me to write sooner. I am that person with TONS of ideas, with little, to no follow through. This book has tips to help that too! And more!!!! If you are writing a book/books I have to recommend this book to you! You can be a number one best seller on the top and I would still tell you to read this book!! It is that good and has a TON of great advice and information. So what are you waiting for?? Read this book and get to writing your next book(s)!!

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