What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers by H.D. Thomson – Review by Kerry Carr

What I Wish I'd Known: For Writers: 100 Authors Reveal What They Wish They'd Told Their Younger SelvesWhat I Wish I’d Known: For Writers: 100 Authors Reveal What They Wish They’d Told Their Younger Selves by H. D. Thomson
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This was a very interesting and inspiring read. This is full of advice for potential writers giving them advice and insight into what it actually takes to become a successful writer. In this book we hear from 100 accomplished and successful writers as they tell us their secrets and their tips on what you need to do to start your dream of being a writer. All the advice is things they wish they were told when they started their journeys.
I was nice to get an insight into the working minds of some of the authors I have grown to love and seeing how each authors methods for writing is as unique as the authors themselves.
I would definately recommend this book for anyone who is looking for guidance to start writing.

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