The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars (Book 2) by C. L. Schneider – Review by Kerry Carr

Magic-Scars (The Crown of Stones, #2)Magic-Scars by C.L. Schneider
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the series.
In this story we follow Ian Troy with his journey from being captured and drugged, to finding his way back to the man he once was.

Along the way he delivers some retribution which leaves his skin marked. Why this happens no one knows but they search to find out.

To become the person the resistance need him to be he needs to be able to use his magic and control his addiction. The risk of him not being able to do that are too high.

Its an amazing second book to the series and i cant wait to read the third.

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Naughty & Nice (Spicetopia #4) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Kerry Carr

Naughty & NiceNaughty & Nice by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 4 in the Spicetopia series. This story is about Natalie who is the wedding planner at Spicetopia and Micah who is the minister who is going to conduct the wedding between Cy and Jolie.

Its attraction at first sight but Micah’s profession means he’s a bit straight laced and Spicetopia turns out to be a awakening experience for him.

With Natalie holding his hand he experiences a sexual relationship with a women he falls for.
But with his depature date due is their love going to survive or will be it a quick fling while he was on the park.

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Addie: To Wager on Her Future (Other Pens, Mansfield Park book 5)by Leenie Brown – Review by Kerry Carr

Addie: To Wager on Her Future (Other Pens, Mansfield Park #5)Addie: To Wager on Her Future by Leenie Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a lovely love story full of surprising twists.

Addie owns a horse ranch who breed horses for racing, he father is gravelly ill so the running of the company has been left to her while her brother is at school.

On her brother return she find out he owes money to a very ruthless man who wants to take either her horse or her as payment.

Then along comes the knight in shining armour. Robert is a friend of the neighbouring family who meets Addie one day whilst out riding, after becoming fond of her he offers to help by betting his horse and her house. The winner gets to keep them both.

As they are training the horses their feelings for each other grow. Can they get it together or will things stand in there way.

Its a lovely story set in a time when women had to be proper and men true gentlemen.

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Testament of Feats: Book of Judgement Book One by K.H. Jones – Review by Kerry Carr

Testament of Feats: Book of Judgment,Testament of Feats: Book of Judgment, by K.H. Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an amazing adventure/ fantasy story. I found it a little hard to get into at the beginning because of all the characters and the places and how each clan links to the next but i am very glad i stuck with it.

The book is filled with adventure, from sword fights, to spiritual Bards. Every clan has its own fighters and they all have a history which isnt always good.

One ranger sets out to change all that. To right the wrongs that have been commited by his ancestors and to save his clans way of life.
But there are more forces at work than the ones he can see and knows about.

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Misplaced (Joined Book Two) by Mara Gan – Review by Kerry Carr

Misplaced: Joined: Book TwoMisplaced: Joined: Book Two by Mara Gan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Omg this is such a good book. Its a captivating read from the first page.

A young woman finds herself washed up on a beach with no memory of her past. All she can remember is what she thinks is her name Meda.

Meda meets Kako and together they build a life of living in a cave, stealing to survive and rescuing girls from the palace to stop them falling into the hands of the prince.

One day Meda meets Perseus at the market, she has heard stories about him but there is something between them that keeps dragging them back to each other.

This story is full of adventure, from a prince who likes to sacrfice children, a gang who finds the finds the children and want to kill Meda and a strong friendship/love that builds between Meda and Perseus. Can Meda find out what her past is and who she is? Will things change between her and Perseus if she does?

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Holiday Terminal by Gwyn McNamee & Christy Anderson – Review by Kerry Carr

Holiday TerminalHoliday Terminal by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a lovely story about how first love that is lost doesnt have to stay lost forever.

Penelope is a single mum to a little boy called Max. Its christmas eve and their plane has to land as the weather is too bad to carry on, so they are stranded in a little airport until it clears.

Also stranded in the same airport is Artemis Warren.
Penelope and Artemis were childhood sweethearts but a misunderstanding caused them to part.

Now 6 years later they are stuck together in a small place. Both holdong secrets that could either destroy each other or bring them back together.

Can they get over all the pain and secrets of the past or is it too late to rebuild the past.

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Vampire State by Alexander Charalambides – Review by Kerry Carr

Vampire StateVampire State by Alexander Charalambides
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. Its a romance and political story all in one.

When Rowena and her family get sponsered by a rich vampire family she doesnt know what to do. The humans in the city are treated as slaves but does she really want to lose herself and become a vampire too?

The son of the family Vincenzo runs an organisation to try and get equal rights for the humans in their city and with the help or Rowena they set out to make changes so that she can live and remain human.

Rowena starts to have feelings for Vincenzo but cant she forgive his kind for the things they have done. With her emotions confused it gets harder when a handsome rebel called Luka comes on the scene.

Is her feelings for Vincenzo strong enough to stay and see things through or will she get tempted and leave with Luka.

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Not a Good Death (Agents of Dart Series Book 2) by Naomi Bellina – Review by Kerry Carr

Not a Good Death: Agents of Dart Series Book Two (Romantic Suspense)Not a Good Death: Agents of Dart Series Book Two by Naomi Bellina
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great crime thriller with lots of twists and turns.

Lily and Dillon work for a government team called DART. They are sent to bring a guy called Joel Wilson in for questioning regarding his former employment with a government company.

But things aren’t what they seem and when a young girl is found murdered Lily and Dillon have to find the link between the murder and the person they were sent to bring in.

Added to the stress is the fact that lily and Dillon are partners in life as well as partners on the job. Can Dillon learn to see Lily as his boss and follow her rules or will their professional relationship destroy their personal one.

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Love in the Lowcountry (A Winter Holiday Collection Book 1) Featuring Poinsettias for Carly by Michele Sims – Review by Kerry Carr

Love in the Lowcountry: A Winter Holiday CollectionLove in the Lowcountry: A Winter Holiday Collection by Savannah J. Frierson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a collection of love stories. There is something for everyone

One of my favourite stories is by Michele Sims called Poinsettias for Carly.

Carly moves back to her home town to help her aunty sort the rest of her mums home out so its ready for sale.

While she is in her family home a lot of memories both good and bad resurface and also an old flame reappears.

Mason was the love of Carly’s life but after an accident involving her brother Mason left Carly and moved away.

Is the romance between them still strong and can they both overcome the hurt and heartbreak of the past to create a new future finally together.

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Pigs by Daniel James – Review by Kerry Carr

PigsPigs by Daniel James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great crime thriller

Issac has served 10 years for a crime he was part where a family ended up dead.
He returns to his family in the hopes of making a fresh start but that isnt the case.

Wyndorf a enemy from Issac’s past has been waiting for his return. Wyndrof goes on to murder his wife and son in a murderous attack.

Issac is now alone and looking for revenge. However there is another force at work. These mysterious people are picking off members of Issac’s old team one by one.

Can Issac get revenge on the man who murdered his whole family or will he get caught and robbed of the chance.

A gripping page turner from the beginning

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