Fee, Fi, Fo, Grow! (Science Folktales) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Fee, Fi, Fo, Grow!: The Real Magic of the BeansFee, Fi, Fo, Grow!: The Real Magic of the Beans by Lois Wickstrom
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Fee, Fi, Fo, Grow is a recreation of Jack and the Bean Stalk. Jacqueline is a little girl living with her mother and they have a hard time finding food. They own a cow named Bessie and decide to sell her so they can eat. On the way to market, Jacqueline trades for some seeds. Well, as you probably know the seeds grow overnight into a huge stalk with a Giant couple living at the top. The wife is very nice and wants to help the little girl out, while the husband wants to eat her. He chased her and then said he would wait for her to come back because she was bringing his wife beans. Jaqueline sneakily brought the wife beans and got a basket of golden eggs in return, which now makes her and her mother rich. This book is a Science Folktale but I didn’t feel it taught as much as in the other stories the author has written. I thought this one explained how growing food is profitable for the sustainability of life, but how one goes about was fiction. One could take a deeper meaning from it where when you are at your lowest, there are times that your luck can change for the better. Sometimes you just have to take a chance on something that seems unrealistic.

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