The Guardian of Whispers (The Reeds of West Hills Book 1) by B. E. Padgett

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The Guardian of Whispers (The Reeds of West Hills Book 1) by B. E. Padgett
Genre – Kids, Fantasy
Page Count – 268
Cover Designer – Annie Loomis

Not long into fifth grade, ten-year-old twins Frank and Jon Reed undergo extraordinary changes: Frank starts reading minds. Jon can see the future. But every magical gift has a cost.

The constant voices whispering in Frank’s head won’t stop. He can’t sleep or even think. Horrifying nightmares plague Jon, making it harder and harder for him to wake up.

Their hope lies at West Hills School for the Perceptually Gifted, a boarding school in the Pacific Northwest, and the only place they can learn to control their powers.

Moving to a new school means making new friends, meeting new teachers, and being required to live thousands of miles from their family. At least they have each other . . . until a dangerous relic, the Guardian of Whispers, goes missing. All evidence of the theft points to Jon.

With the school board on the verge of expelling Jon for the crime, Frank, his friends, and a grouchy old gifts teacher must catch the real culprit and clear Jon’s name.

The Guardian of Whispers is the first book in the middle grade kid’s fantasy series The Reeds of West Hills. Fans of Rick Riordan and TJ Klune’s The House in the Cerulean Sea will enjoy this book.


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B. E. Padgett is a poet and children’s author in the Pacific Northwest. She was a student affair professional at Everett Community College before pursuing her passion for writing and storytelling. She graduated with a B. A. in Professional and Creative Writing from Central Washington University. She was editor-in-chief at Manastash Literary Journal and event coordinator for Poetry Northwest.

Growing up in a loud and chaotic family of eight inspired her to create stories about sibling connections and challenges. Although she enjoys many things in life, she considers being an auntie one of her biggest joys. She is best known for her series The Reeds of West Hills.

Her hobbies include crocheting stuffed animals, dress up tea parties, graphic design, illustration, whistling and reading.

Author Interview with B. E. Padgett



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