Swindler’s Revenge (Karina Cardinal Mysteries Book 5 ) by Ellen Butler – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Swindler's RevengeSwindler’s Revenge by Ellen Butler
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Swindler’s Revenge
The Karina Cardinal Mysteries
Book 5
By Ellen Butler
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
This is another story in the Karina Cardinal Mysteries. While this series could be read as standalones I recommend you read this series in order.
Karina Cardinal is at it again. This time it’s her ex boyfriend that is in trouble with the FBI. So she sets out to find the answers as well as the truth. Although jumping with both feet is never a good idea. She goes for it. Ex meaning she and Mike broke up months ago. That does not mean she does not care. Something is not right, she knows Mike would never take the money and disappear like this. So will Karina again save the day? Is Mike really who they say he is?

Ellen Butler has once again knocked the ball out of the park. This story is well written and a true laugh out loud mystery. But you know it has some of those heart stopping moments. I love the characters all with their own challenges. Karina makes this story run, but nothing better than helping an ex in trouble. I could not put this one down, I just had to finish as it was that captivating. Ellen Butler, you have once again given us the right feels! Well Done Ellen Butler! Well Done! !


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