Bake Believe by Cori Cooper – Review by Trish Ann

Bake BelieveBake Believe by Cori Cooper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a cute book. Definitely not something I would normally pick up but I enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting that Cat’s moods while baking were influential of others. This is definitely a good book for middle school age/pre-teen and would recommend it. I also appreciated the recipes!

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❤🥧 ❤ 🍰 ❤ COVER REVEAL ❤ 🍰 ❤ 🥧 ❤ Bake Off (Bake Believe Series) by Cori Cooper

❤🥧 ❤ 🍰 ❤ COVER REVEAL ❤ 🍰 ❤ 🥧 ❤
Bake Off by Cori Cooper
Genre – Middle Grade, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Page Count – 340
Cover Designer – Immortal Works

Now that Cat knows what her baking can do, it’s time to discover why and how!

Cat and her family roadtrip all the way to Arizona for Thanksgiving break. When they arrive at the family bakery, instead of getting the answers to her bazillions of questions, Cat finds herself in the middle of a real-life bakery showdown. The baking is bonkers, emotions are all over the place and the stakes keep getting higher.

Will Cat ever discover what makes her family so super weird?

Find out in Bake-Off, the sequel to Bake Believe.

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Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by M Policicchio

Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper


4 out of 5 Stars


Cat Anderson has an interesting story behind her name and behind her family.  Cat and Robin, best friend and cousin, are starting the 8th grade.  When Cat goes to her last class, she finds something very strange, there are boxes in the classroom and no teacher.  Cat races back to her guidance counselor to get it straightened out.  Cat is given a few options, she makes a choice to take culinary, at least for the day until she can get into Art with Robin.  When Cat discovers that her crush, Toby, is not only in the same class but would be in her group, Cat is desperate to stay in the culinary class.  When Cat bakes for the first time ever, something strange happens.  Will this happen every time she bakes?  What does her mother know about it?  Why won’t she tell Cat?  


This sweet tale of discovering who you are and the quirkiness of your family was a great listen.  I enjoyed the characters.  I loved hearing my name as a character (Thanks for including me!  I only hope I can be that cool of an aunt in real life.)!  I was shocked when the story ended the way it did.  I hope there is a sequel that can tell me what happened.  This is a story that can be enjoyed by all ages.  Oh my Goshness is entering my lexicon! 


Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by KAYLA OCTAVIANO


Bake Believe is an adorable story about a young girl going through crushes, school, family, and… something special. This book was definitely one of a kind. It’s a coming of age novel with a relatable young character and all of her friends and family. Read this if you like cute stories about young children figuring out where they are meant to be in life. The narrator is great and fits the story really well from a teens perspective.

Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper- Review by Lauren West

“Bake Believe” has officially turned me on to audio books. It was such a cute story, and the way it was told really had your imagination running. The narrator made that story everything and more. I listened to it every chance I had, and the time fly by each chapter making it hard to believe it was as long as it was.
The story starts with Cat who is newly entering 8th grade. Her and her cousin Robyn are excited for new electives, boys, and a great new year. First day of school she is put into an elective for culinary arts. New and unfamiliar because her mother does absolutely no cooking unless its frozen or pre-made its a new experience for her. She excited to bake and be with her classmates but soon starts to receive odd behavior from her mother who doesn’t want her to cook or take the class. As the story unfolds we learn that there are family secrets deep within Cats family, and while her aunt bakes with love and her mother scorns the kitchen as whole its Cat who we find with some extraordinary powers in the kitchen. Its a very fun story and each chapter ending provides a recipe related to the chapter. Kids and adults will appreciate this book!

Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by Nakyshia Leger

What a cute story by Cori Cooper! I listened with my daughter and she enjoyed it so much. Bake Believe’s main character Cat is a spunky teenager that is unapologetically herself. As she shares her view of the world with us, we learn that like many other teenagers, she is into boys, friends, and living life to the fullest. Cat’s world is turned upside down when a mishap in her school schedule caused the reveal of a huge family secret. The secret has Cat learning to grow and mature while understanding more about herself. This story is fun and inspiring. The narrator Katie Penate did an amazing job portraying each character’s individuality and making the story come to life! If you have a young teen in your life, consider this book.


Review by @nrl0522

Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by April McCoy

Bake Believe is a charming sweet story about a preteen who ends up in a class about cooking! I often found myself chuckling while reading and reminiscing about those days where the smallest inconveniences seemed like the end of the world! This book was great, and was narrated very nicely! I loved the sass and im sure we can all see ourselves in Cori Coopers characters! Great job!!

Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by Sunday Barnaby

Bake Believe by Cori Cooper

Narrated by Katie Penate

Four Stars


Bake Believe is a wonderful YA audio written by Cori Cooper. Although this book is in the YA category, I think is is great for readers/listeners of all ages. She is a new to me author and I can’t wait to see what else she has written. The story is fun and filled with magic and some great recipes. Cat is a wonderful character and she has some witty dialogue. It was a really enjoyable 8 hours of listening pleasure.

Katie Penate is also new to me narrator. I like the tone of her voice and she really made the story come to life. I look forward to more books by Ms. Cooper and those narrated by Ms. Penate.


Review by @sunbarn

Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by Tamisha Janay

The storyline was wonderful for a young adult who wants to believe in some version of magic. The baking of emotions was something I wasn’t expecting and I appreciated the puns that went into this book. The narrator didn’t hit the mark for me, personally, but I have only ever listened to two audiobooks and have discovered that it isn’t my cup of tea. For anyone who enjoys audiobooks and thoroughly enjoys this genre, I think this would be a fantastic listen. My favorite parts were the recipes and the silliness involved with telling the reader how to make the things in each chapter. I definitely plan to make some of these as soon as possible.

Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK by Cori Cooper – Review by Katie Matthews

Bake Believe AUDIO BOOK

By Cori Cooper

5 stars


I loved this audio book so much!  The characters were just amazing and I really felt like I knew them. The author really did an amazing job with her character development for this story. This is the first book that I have listened to by this author and I will absolutely be looking to listen to more from her again in the future. I love baking so I think that really helped me relate to the main character Cat, I really liked and her and enjoyed listening to the story her. I loved the recipes too!
A nice quirky audio book that I absolutely loved! The narration was really good too and I would definitely recommend it to other readers!