Out of the Box Collection by Jennifer Theriot – Review by Debi Kircher

Out of the Box CollectionOut of the Box Collection by Jennifer Theriot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Out of the Box Collection: A Second Chance Romance Series: The Complete 3-Book Collection by Jennifer Theriot

5 Stars is nowhere near enough……

Jennifer Theriot has plucked me out of my real life world and inserted me into a story that has completely consumed me for the entire time I spent reading it, and here I am afterwards still completely in awe of this author.

I chose this series because of the authors name being on the front covers, I have fallen in love with this authors writing reading a few of her other books…Reading this series has literally ruined me…I just can’t…. The other reason I chose to read this series was because of her taking a chance and going outside the box and featuring characters that I myself can completely relate to and understand.

I can honestly say I have never read a series that hit as many emotions as this series did. I felt everything deep within and seriously feel like I was transported into this dysfunctioning beautiful group of people. I love family sagas but this one went to a whole different level for me, and the bonds that were already in place and then those that were formed in this series again were perfection, one friendship in particular just blew me away. I cried so hard at times while reading, I had the air knocked out of me at times, I shook with anger at times, but I can tell you that I savored every single word on every single page.

Ive actually come away from reading this series with a few new thoughts about life and truly wish I knew how to join together the words to explain how much I appreciated this story.

This author is a master storyteller and not only will I reread this series many times but I will also own these books and will treasure them forever. I have a few favorite series and each one for reasons that keep them at the top of my list, this one as of this second and I am sure for many more seconds to come is my favorite this year and definitely at the top of my favorite series of all time.

I cant express in words how much I loved these 3 books..Thank you Miss Theriot!!!

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