Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1 to 3 (Boxset) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Sue Kemp

Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set)Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eastern Shore Swingers (Boxset Books 1 to 3)
By Phoebe Alexander

Fisher of Men (Book 1)
After some bad relationships and with Will breaking her heart in such a way that she didn’t know how she was going to recover, Leah decided that she was going to let God guide the man to her that she should be with. She also knew this wouldn’t happen until God knew she was ready for it.
Leah works at the Pearl Resort as she describes her work role as keeping guests and staff happy. One of Leah’s main roles is to help guests organize their functions and to ensure that all guests can have a room booked for that night. She also ensures that the guests have everything they ask for to make sure their functions go off without a hitch.
Leah gets a call from her boss Barry to say they are a bar tender down for tonight’s function and asks if she can help. Having never attended bar before she has a few nervous moments. Little does Leah know that tonight’s function is a group of swingers who raise money for charities in the area.
As the function starts Leah serves what she thinks is a handsome man with a gorgeous smile. It’s this handsome man that tells Leah that everyone at this function are swingers. During their conversation she finds out this man’s name is Chris, but he goes by the name of Cap by his friends. Leah asks why Cap and he tells her it’s because he is a captain of a fishing boat. Leah can’t get Cap out of her mind and questions if God is sending her a swinger as her ideal partner.
Walking her dog Glory on the beach Leah bumps into Cap while he is walking his dog Keeper. Cap asks Leah if she would like to go for a coffee, but she makes the excuse that she must go back to work.
After all what future could she have with a swinger?
And as fisherman and swinger what is it that he could possibly offer her?

The Catch (Book 2)
The Catch is book two in the Eastern Shore Swingers series by Phoebe Alexander. The catch can be read as a standalone quite easily. Keeping in mind this series is not suited for younger readers. As with book one book will also keep you wanting to turn the page to see what the main characters are getting up to. The Catch is centered around Paisley and Calvin. I loved their story and how they protective of each other. You will be surprised just how much depth the characters have considering the subject of the book. Paisley avoids relationships, and this is why I loved how Calvin and Paisley had such a good connection. Is there room in her life to love Calvin? Calvin needs to show Paisley that they do have a future, but how is he going to do this with her need to avoid relationships?

Siren Call (Book 3)
Siren Call is the third instalment in the Eastern Shore Swingers series by Phoebe. Luckily this book can be read as a standalone and the storyline is very easy to follow. I wasn’t real sure about this book as I have never read a female/female romance before. But let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the story. There are quite a lot of sex scenes in this book but in true Phoebe style she has written the parts very well. As you can guess this is not your normal romance story, and by normal, I mean male/female. The book also has swingers, lesbian and bi sexual storylines, so if you aren’t into this type of reading don’t read the book, but I can tell you if you don’t read it you are going to miss out on a wonderfully written book. It an absolute hot read, so go get the series and I hope you enjoy it as I have. Thank you Phoebe for such a wonderful series.

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Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Angela Hayes

Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set)Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


“There’s a secret club in Ocean City, Maryland, where swingers from all over the mid-Atlantic converge every weekend to frolic and play in its many themed rooms. Welcome to the Factory, where in the midst of all the fun, there’s always a romance blossoming, sometimes where you least expect it.”

This contains the first three books in the Eastern Shore Swingers Series by Phoebe Alexander. The stories are set in and around a swinger’s club and gives us a glimpse into that ‘lifestyle’. To many, this story may seem way out of your comfort zone, but I encourage you to keep an open mind and dive in, because you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find between the covers of these beautiful stories. Yes, this collection/series does have the swinging element to it, and while that is an important part of the plot, there is so much more to them all.
I love how Ms. Alexander weaves the swinging lifestyle into some wonderful romantic stories- while also infusing them with emotion, struggles, drama, acceptance, passion, and steamy moments. She’s a superb storyteller who writes fantastic, well balanced, sex-positive, realistic, and memorable stories! There’s never a dull moment to be found inside one of Ms. Alexander’s books, that’s for sure!

Fisher of Men (Book #1)

Fisher of Men is the first book in the Eastern Shore Swingers Series by Phoebe Alexander. This book is a wonderful, interesting and informative contemporary romance that explores the world of swinging- and what happens when a minister’s daughter meets a sexy swinger.
Leah Miller, who works as an Assistant Manager at The Pearl hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. She’s the daughter of a small town country Minister and has grown up with strict Christian values. It was always assumed that Leah would follow in her parents’ footsteps and join them in their ecclesiastical duties. But Leah had her own ideas and wanted to pave her own path, so she goes against their wishes and takes a scholarship to Cornell, getting a degree in Hotel Management. Little does she know that this decision will change her life forever. Meeting Captain “Cap” Chris Sheldon at a private party in the hotel where she’s working will be the first step on her new path, because it’s here that she discovers the private party Cap is attending is a swingers’ party….. and he is a swinger. This only the beginning of her journey where she will learn a lot about herself, her faith, and life.
This book is nothing like I thought it would be, and was deeper, sweeter and more meaningful than I had expected.

The Catch (Book #2)

The Catch is the second book in The Eastern Shore Swingers Series by Phoebe Alexander. This book is a wonderful contemporary romance that takes us on a journey into the world of swinging, so if you don’t like sexy, steamy, and erotic- then this probably isn’t the book for you!
But, having said that, don’t let the ‘swinging’ part of the story put you off reading this really great story, because if you go into it with an open mind you will be surprised by what you’ll find under the cover of this superb story, there is much more to the story than the erotic elements. There is depth and substance.
Paisley Parker is new to town and has been hired as a manager for the Factory (Private Swingers Club). She’s the definition of sex-bomb: a curvy burlesque dancer from New York. She doesn’t do relationships, only indulging in casual hook-ups. But is there more to her story? Is her confidence masking a deeper vulnerability?
In an effort to develop a website for the Factory, Paisley hires someone with the expertise to get the job done right. Enter Calvin Mitchell. He’s immediately drawn to her and would like to see where their mutual attraction may lead. So, what happens when this one-woman-man meets this wild and sexy woman? What happens when he learns about the club and the ‘lifestyle’? What about their age difference? And what happens when the past returns to haunt her?
This story is really well written, DUH- it’s Phoebe Alexander! There’s drama, emotion, passion, erotica, some suspense, surprises, friendship, connections, and lots of steam. The characters were wonderful and went through some development and growth over the course of the story. Once again Ms. Alexander has produced a enticing and sex-positive story, that drew me in right from the get-go.

Siren Call (Book #3)

Siren Call is the third book in the Eastern Shore Swingers Series by Phoebe Alexander. This is an erotic F/F romance with some drama and mystery.
This book is nothing like I thought it would be. I wasn’t sure about the F/F aspect to the story, not that I don’t like it, so much as it’s hard to find a good one with a story that has some substance, as well as some spice. I shouldn’t have doubted it though, because I know Ms. Alexander is such a talented author and always produces a memorable and entertaining read. She writes beautifully and has a relaxed, detailed and descriptive style that embraces you and guides you into the heart of her story.
Jessie Martinez is a Police Officer doing a favour for some friends. They ask her to look out for one of their club members. It’s not really such a bother, because the club member in question has caught Jessie’s attention, and she’s more than attracted and intrigued. There is definitely more to the situation than meets the eye and Jessie is determined to discover what it is.
Sirena joined the club as a way to escape. A distraction and diversion from her painful memories and the heartache she’s endured. She wasn’t going to ‘crack’ so easily. But the more she gets to know Jessie the weaker her defences were becoming. What is she hiding? What happens when her secrets are revealed? What does fate have in store for them? You really must read the story and find out all the incredible details, because I don’t want to give away any spoilers her.
I love these characters, they are so lovingly crafted- fully developed individuals who are realistic and totally believable.
The story is passionate, erotic, emotional, interesting and entertaining. I loved how Ms. Alexander was able to bring the whole story to life and give it energy, heart and soul. I also appreciate sex-positive and body-positive messages that Ms. Alexander promotes through her storylines. This book is definitely a real showcase for/of the authors writing skills……

So, as you can see there is a variety of storylines here to explore. All are beautifully written, detailed and descriptive- nothing but the best from Ms. Alexander. Well worth the read- take a leap into the Eastern Shore series today- you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find here!

Thank you, Ms. Alexander!


Reviewed by @angelahayes

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Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Heather Lovelace

Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set)Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series is not for someone lacking an open mind. These books challenge socially accepted norms regarding sex. Each book is well written and stands on its own easily. However once you dive in and become introduced to these characters and this club and this town, you will want to read them all. I’ve become a huge fan of Phoebe Alexander and look forward to reading more from her.

Reviewed by @heatherlovelace

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Alterations Trilogy by Jane Suen

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ALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen Author
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Genre:  Sci-fi Suspense Romance

Page Count: Approximately 340    (complete set of 3 books)

Release Date – October 10, 2018

Goodreads Link

Together in one collection – the Alterations Trilogy (Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will)
Desperate to change their lives, Gigi, Ellen, and Lilly prepare to risk everything for love, health, and happiness.

A secretive Dr. Kite with a novel chip implant offers a mind-controlling solution to these three women.

But when unforeseen issues arise that wreak havoc on the city and destroy his warehouse, along with the discovery of two defective chips he’s implanted, Kite’s plans go horribly wrong.

In the aftermath of the disaster, one woman seeks revenge for the doctor’s failings. Or is it more than that? Has she seen an opportunity to save herself?

Will the women find the happily ever after they seek?

Get it now.


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Jane Suen is the award-winning author of Children of the Future, Flowers in December, and in August Alterations was honored with a 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Finalist in Scifi/Fantasy/Horror.

Her new series is the Alterations Trilogy – Alterations, Game Changer, and Primal Will.

Jane is a Southern transplant who has taken a liking to grits – so she’s there to stay.


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That Voodoo That You Do (Chateau Rouge Book 1) by Jolie St. Amant – Review by Debi Kircher

That Voodoo That You Do (Chateau Rouge Book 1)That Voodoo That You Do by Jolie St. Amant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That Voodoo That You Do (Chateau Rouge Book 1) by Jolie St. Amant

5 Stars

This was an awesome collection of 3 short stories that I absolutely loved and enjoyed. One of my favorite parts is that they are all based in New Orleans at The Chateau Rouge. Now after reading all 3 of these, all I could think of is I want to go there, I would probably be scared out of my mind half the time but I don’t care, all of the characters in these stories were written and portrayed perfectly. This author has a way of taking very few pages and adding in so much content and not in a way that it feels like it has all been jam packed in there, there are also mini twists and turns throughout, not those kind that are earth shattering or major story changing but those kind that are placed perfectly and you never see them coming.

I have said this before and now I’ll say it again, I could read 100 books all in a row that take place at The Chateau Rouge, and I highly recommend this as it was just plain fun to read and I do see me reading all of these again in the future.

Loved Loved Loved this collection!!!

Reviewed by @debikircher

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Bound: Four Book Boxed Set by Shandi Boyes – Review by Shannon Fowler

Bound: Four Book Boxed SetBound: Four Book Boxed Set by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chains is book one and introduces us to Cleo, Marcus and Master Chains. I instantly fell in love with these characters. As I did with Boyes characters from the Enigma and Perception series. The ending though…I just want to shake this author! Boyes writing style pulls the reader right into the story where nothing else matters.

Links is book two and continues Cleo and Marcus’ adventure. However, my heart is breaking for Cleo because I know that there is evil at work here. I can feel something big is about to happen!

“Because it isn’t what we have in value that defines us; it is how well we rise after falling that shows our true spirit.”

I am also beginning to see a pattern for this author…she really likes a cliff hanger where the reader is screaming NOOOOO!!! Right up to the last word!

Bound is book three in this series and starts off right where Links leaves us! This adventure is “A true rollercoaster ride.” Exactly the way Cleo’s emotions are through-out the entire book! This book has been by far my favorite. The action both in the bedroom…er….playroom and out leaves me a little breathless. So looking forward to reading more about Marcus before Cleo kills him!

Restrained is the fourth book and the exciting conclusion that will rip you open and put you back together again. This book is faster paced than the rest of the series. It is exactly how a conclusion should be…except that there are a few characters that go MIA so does that mean there will be more?!? As far as Cleo and Marcus’ story they truly have “The best of both worlds”. This story was worth every penny spent and every tear shed.

I highly recommend this series!

“Call me a coward or any other derogative word you like. I won’t put up a protest. Until you have been through what I’ve been through, you can’t judge my actions.”

Review by @shannonlovesbooks

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Beneath: Two Book Boxset by Shandi Boyes – Review by Jana Teppih

Beneath: Two Book BoxsetBeneath: Two Book Boxset by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beneath: Two Book Boxset by Shandi Boyes is a beautiful gift to all of her readers – you get both books in one go and do not need to come up for air when drowning in this smashing contemporary romance. I have read quite a few books by Shandi Boyes and though you can read these two books as standalones, they are actually in some ways part of the bigger series (Enigma). I am sure once you finish these two, you will feel compelled to go looking for more!
Beneath is the story of Hugo and Ava. They are meant for each other but of course nothing is that simple when it comes to life! It is a story about love, family; friendships that go beyond the mundane, sacrifice, guilt … you just name it! Hugo is battling demons and at times they win, Ava has her own baggage that brings along its own challenges … nothing is straight forward here! There are 5 YEARS between the first and second book!!! After these five years Hugo returns to face the music, to try to make amends and pray that Ava’s heart is big enough to give him another chance …
I cried and I laughed and mostly I cried … The story will take you hostage, play with your emotions and at times you are not sure where is up and where is down, it is such a rollercoaster, such emotions … and it is not just women who feel here, it is also those strong alpha males! I could not put the story down … Do yourself a favor and read it! You will not regret it!

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The Perception of Reality – Dual Boxset: Tragic Rockstar Romance by Shandi Boyes – Review by Debi Kircher

The Perception of Reality (Perception #1-2)The Perception of Reality by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Perception of Reality – Dual Boxset: Tragic Rockstar Romance by Shandi Boyes

5 Stars

I think there should be another star rating for books and authors that simply move past the 5 and put them in a class all of their own, Shandi Boyes is one of these authors (even if I may or may not have called her evil, and other horrendous names while reading these books).

Do yourself a favor and first off, do not read these books out of order, second…You will need tissues, or heavy cotton towels or old tshirts or something because massive ugly crying will be involved.

I’ll be on google today looking for words that might come close to describing some of the feelings and emotions I had while reading this series. I’m convinced I felt things that don’t have official words to adequately describe them. This author is so freaking amazing, she has a talent with putting words together to form an impossible story and this talent is unmatched in my opinion. I have never in all my years of reading cried so hard while reading 2 books back to back.

Without going into too much detail I will say that this, the first part of Emily and Noah’s story was amazing, the flow of this story was awesome because it didn’t stay put if that makes sense. It moves along quickly and smoothly yet allows these two to form a bond like no other, and you actually feel it strengthening as you read. Noah’s history makes it hard to form any kind of relationship and my heart broke for him. Emily had been done wrong in her past and this still haunts her daily. When these two meet you can truly feel the connection and I loved that. Emily is going to school to fulfill her dreams of becoming a teacher, and Noah is the lead singer of his band Rise Up and we get to watch when his band gets their big break. As time moves forward it becomes harder and harder for Noah and Emily to find the time to spend together, yet their love and commitment to each other never wavers.

The second part of their story…There are no words….

If you are reading this hoping I will go into some of the details of the rest of book 1 and then book 2 you might want to move on because I’m not saying one thing about what happened….You have to read this and get the full impact as I did. The twists and turns need to grab a hold and hang on just as they did while I was reading them. Noah and Emily’s story will stay with me forever, and when I finish every one of this authors books, something Im already close to doing I will look forward to reading them all over again!!

Read this series!! Holy book hangover batman!! Loved it!! Love Her!!

Review by @debikircher

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Enigma: The Complete Collection: Four book boxset By Shandi Boyes – Review By Sue Kemp

Enigma: The Complete Collection: Four book box set (Perception 6)Enigma: The Complete Collection: Four book box set by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Enigma Box Set is a definite five star read

Enigma Of Life Book 1
Author Shandi Boyes

Isaac Holt one extremely hot night club owner
Isabelle Brahm FBI Agent
Isaac and Isabelle world are about to collide in a way none of them could have imagined. They literally bumped in to each other at the New York Airport. Isabelle bumped into Isaac hard chest sending her to the floor in an unladylike way. He grabs her by the elbow to steady her on her feet and when she bent down to pick her things up he had the same idea and they bumped heads. Isaac cussed loudly, Isabelle cussed quietly. The bump on the head was hard and it had her vision blurred, Isaac checking her over to make sure she was okay noticed a bump on her head. He took her to the first class lounge so he could put ice on the bump and give her a couple of drinks. Looking at Isaac’s watch she tells him she has to go or she will miss her flight.
Getting on the plane she is extremely nervous as she does not like to fly and once again after putting her jacket and satchel in the overhead compartment trips over her own feet in front of Isaac. She sees Isaac grin as he takes the seat by her. Noticing she is afraid of flying he tells her she will be okay and has a fix for the problem. An electrical jolt goes through her body as he starts to run his index finger over the veins in the back of her hand, he runs his finger up and down her arm, wraps his strong hand around her neck in an erotic and domineering way.
Isabelle’s life is about to be pulled into two different directions and there will be nothing that she can do about it. Arriving at Ravenshoe Airport she is given his business card for the Dungeon and he tells her to be there Saturday night at 10pm. Regina is there to pick her up. While driving Regina tells her to look in the gray manila folder page two. There she sees herself looking at the gorgeous Isaac Holt.
She asks Regina why he is being investigated and is told because he made his first million dollars by the time he was twenty.
Isabelle introduces herself to Brandon but before he can answer Alex yells across the office telling Brandon he wanted the paper work and now. Alex wanted a blonde agent as they have only seen him with blondes over the last couple of months, seeing Isabelle is a brunette he yells at someone else, telling Isabella that she is not here for her brains but as eye candy for Isaac.
Will hiring Isabelle work in attracting Isaac?

Unraveling An Enigma: Isaacs story Book 2
Author Shandi Boyes

Isaac has been held in an observation room since his arrest a couple of hours ago. Isabelle notices while his face is showing nothing but anger, he is still very handsome. Isaac tells Alex he has ten minutes then he is walking out as they have nothing on him and his hands are clean. Isabelle is nervous for Isaac and can’t keep still while she is watching him in the room. Isabelle notices that with her movements Isaac eyes seem to be following her. She asks Brandon if this is a two way mirror and when he is about to answer her Alex walks out of the room for an envelope and tells Isabelle she w will be coming back in the room with him. Ten minutes is up and Isaac stands and picks his jacket up off the table. He only says two things to Isabelle and that they are that smell baby its fear and that it was nice meeting her.
While he has been held in the observation room his home has been totally destroyed by the FBI, some things can be replaced but those with sentimental value cannot be. Isabelle needs to see Isaac and goes to his home but he is ignoring any one that presses the intercom on the gates. When she is about to leave Hugo arrives at Isaac’s home and tells Isabelle now is not a good time for her to be near him. She pleads with Hugo that she needs to see him and against his better judgment he takes her to see Isaac. Isaac is furious at the sight of Isabelle in his home and when she tries to tell him that it wasn’t her that told the FBI where his home was he closed the distance between them at a quick pace. Tears start to well up in Isabelle’s eyes and Isaac told her don’t you dare cry. Hugo worried about Isabelle’s safety get between her and Isaac
Isabelle is no safer from investigation that what Isaac is and soon finds out she is under investigation by Internal Affairs regarding her relationship with Isaac. One of the agents Theresa is a nasty piece of work and tells Isabelle unless she co-operates she will be spending a long time in jail. Isabelle is not going to help them in their attempts to take down the love of her life. What Isaac and Isabelle don’t know is that Isabel’s phone has been bugged with a tracking device and there is a microphone and camera hidden in her apartment. When Isaac finds this out he now knows Isabelle is innocent of what he believes she has done. Isaac instructs Hugo he is to follow Isabelle and to make sure she is always safe. As much as he wants to be with Isabelle Isaac know that in order to protect her he must stay away from her and to do this he must stay angry with her.

Enigma: The Mystery Unmasked Book 3
Author Shandi Boyes

Wow has this book had me on an emotional roller coaster.
Isaac and Izzy are not only in a fight for her freedom on murder charges but they are also in for a fight of their life for their relationship. With the evidence against Izzy looking more like planted evidence Regan is now sure she can get Izzy off the murder charges but that will have to wait until it goes to court for the judge to decide. Until he judge makes his ruling there is nothing Isaac and Izzy can do but wait. However with the one single indiscretion Isaac has had since he and Izzy became a couple hanging over his head he is in a mess and everything is worthless to him if he doesn’t have Izzy in his life.
The night that he was arrested and his home trashed by the FBI Isaac got himself drunk, He got Hugo to take him to his apartment forgetting Clara was there. When he awoke the next morning he was distressed to see Clara in the same bed as him. Being so drunk he could not remember if anything had happened between the both of them. His first rational thoughts were of Izzy even though she had spent the last few months seeing him while the FBI were investigating him and she was an FBI agent. When Clara spitefully tells Izzy that she and Isaac slept together, she decides to bring the matter up with Isaac, instead of listening to what he might have to say she storms out of their hotel room telling him it’s over.
On a Sunday morning run with Hugo he begs Izzy to forgive Isaac telling her that love is worth fighting for. She however tells Hugo she feels it’s not worth the fight. Hugo says nothing is fixed by running and instead of listening to what he is saying she gets nasty with Hugo and throws the fact that he ran from his life to. Sensing that she hurt him she wishes she could take the words back. Hugo trying to get Izzy to forgive Isaac tells her that Isaac does love her but she’s not listening. She tells Hugo that she wants all of him not half as she feels half of him still belongs to Ophelia. Hugo the darling man tells her no one knows what would have happened with him and Ophelia had she not died. He also says just like her relationship with Isaac no one knows and that it could fizzle out in months. Izzy is being too stubborn to listen to what Hugo is saying and thinks what she is thinking is right for her. Just like Isaac every inch of her body aches for him, he has her heart and her soul but she is not willing to get over what may or may not have happened with Clara. Both Isaac can Izzy have caused each other pain, his pain when he found out she was a FBI agent and the Clara episode was her pain. She must now also think what she is going to do if she is let off the murder charges, as a few weeks ago before she was arrested she was going to live with Isaac and leave the FBI.

Enigma: The Final Chapter Book 4
Author Shandi Boyes

Isaac has had Hunter investigate Luca Marco; Luca was the DA who was trying to put Isabelle in jail for a murder she didn’t commit. Hunter finds out he is married with three children, and seems to be living above the salary he brings in, Hunter also found out that Lucas doesn’t mind being with high end prostitutes from time to time. While Hugo is out with Isabelle she is kidnapped by Col Petretti’s men. The purpose of the kidnapping is that Col wants Isaac to see the life go out of Isabel’s eyes as this is what happened to his daughter Ophelia when she was with Isaac. Hugo phones Isaac to let him know what has just happened and that because traffic is heavy he is able to run after the car to try and get her back. While Hugo and Isaac are talking gun fire shoots down the phone line then the call is disconnected. In the meantime Brandon phones Isaac to let him know that Hugo has been shot. Isaac gives him instructions that he is to be taken to Ravenhoe Private Hospital where he will have the best surgeons working one him.
Hunter has pulled up video showing Hugo trying to get Isabelle back. Tallis phones Isaac and let him know that Col is on the move and gives the address where they are headed. Isaac knows exactly where they are going. Arriving there he sees Isabelle tied to a chair and gagged. Col smiles at Isaac and pulls out his gun and aims it at Isabelle. With only a split second Isaac dives at the chair Isabelle is sitting on and knocks it over protecting her body from the gun shot. But in doing so he gives her stage three concussion. When Isaac looks up he sees Col dead and the others from Col’s crew hand cuffed by Alex and Isaac’s security team. Isabelle is also taken to the Ravenhoe Private hospital where she is kept in for a night or two. Monday is Isabelle’s next court date and Regan is hoping to get the charges dismissed. On hearing the evidence this is exactly what the judge does; Isabelle is free to go home.
Isabelle finds out from Brandon that Ophelia is still alive after he shows her a photo. Isabelle knows she needs to investigate this further before telling Isaac anything. With this photo of Ophelia Isabelle tells Isaac she needs to go back to Tiburon for a few days but won’t tell him why. After an argument he allows her to go but only if Hugo goes with her and this was not negotiable. Turns out Ophelia is very much alive and is working as a pharmacy assistant and has a child that could possibly be Isaacs. Now they have seen her Hugo drives straight to the airport so they can go home and let Isaac know this information. While she is telling Isaac he doesn’t know whether to believe her or not until he sees the photo.
After a week of being in bed together Isaac tells Isabelle to get dressed and they drive to a private hanger Isabelle is worried she is going on a plane and grabs Isaacs hand tighter as they get closer to the plane. Arriving at the plane she sees a little girl. Isaac gets down to her level and she knocks him to the ground. He looks at Calli and tells her Isabelle is her sister.
Isabelle looks at Isaac remembering the photo of him with Vladimir.
She asks Isaac Vladimir? He answers yes.

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