Journeys Through Collection: Volumes 1-3 by James Talisman – Review by Callie Luna

Journeys Through Collection: Volume 1-3Journeys Through Collection: Volume 1-3 by James Talisman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The first book, Journeys Through SpaceTime, falls a bit flat. There was no emotion or connection to the characters. I felt like I was watching movie scenes instead of reading a book. The change in viewpoints consistently was confusing. There were viewpoints that I liked and some that I did not. It was nice when the story switched to the characters, I was most interested in. It was like reading five different books and hard to remember it all. I was confused by how it was all connected, when I reached the end of the book it was not any clearer.

The second book, Journeys Through TimeSpace, is much better and starts to help connect a few missing dots. Instead of being all over the place we are focused on saving the Earth with Matt and his friend, Dan, and girlfriend, Julia. The secret societies add to the story instead of taking away because they have the information needed to save Earth. My favorite part is when Matt, Dan, and Julia time travel to different lives that they have previously lived throughout time. The few cuts to the enemy reptilian species add to the suspense, starting with them gaining the power to destroy Earth. It helps to put more tension or pressure on the main characters.

The third book, Journeys Through AllCreation, helped to further connect the dots. It starts two years after our last adventure. One of the characters from the first book turns out to be Matts’ twin in his past life and they must save the MultiVerse. Another of the viewpoints that we haven’t heard since book one comes back into play. Still one of my biggest issues is that ideas that I need (or like to be) explained are not. Yet almost everything about the characters is explained instead of shown. It all comes down to this… Can Matt again save Earth when the stakes are even higher this time?

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