Anger (Hero High Book 2) by Mina Chara – Review by Caítríona Brauders

Anger (Hero High, #2)Anger by Mina Chara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A perfect young adult book especially for those who are just entering into the young adult genre and want to ease into a story that flows easily.

This is the second instalment of the Hero High series and starts just where the first book left off so although you could follow it fine without reading book one, I’d encourage you to read book one first so you can really delve into life at Hero High and get to know the characters better.
Anger didn’t disappoint, it followed well from book one and the story intensified, I enjoyed following the characters development and got pulled in quickly to keep reading and see what was going to happen. I love the descriptions in Mina Charas’ writing a lot, they really bring the story to life.

A very enjoyable read

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Age of Secrets (The Druid’s Brooch Series Book 8) by Christy Nicholas – Review by Caítríona Brauders

Age of Secrets (Druid's Brooch: #8)Age of Secrets by Christy Nicholas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t read many novels of this genre but I will be checking out more books from Christy Nicholas now that I’ve read this book.
Its a book with a comfortable vibe to it, its pace is steady and I loved the descriptions that Christy Nicholas used to really set the scene. The characters are complex and I think its easy to relate to the main character Fingin who feels like hes an outsider in life and takes comfort and peace in the shape of a dog called Bran. A great insight to the relationship of man and mans best friend.
A feel good read and good if you’re looking something a little different.

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Denial (Hero High Book 1) by Mina Chara – Review by Caítríona Brauders

Denial (Hero High Book 1)Denial by Mina Chara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hero High Denial is the first book I’ve read by Mina Chara and it didn’t disappoint, young adults will love this book. The descriptions and scene mapping were so detailed which always helps me be able to see the story rather than just follow it so I really loved that quality. The first page had me interested in the story plot and I just couldn’t wait to see where the it went and how the characters would progress in Hero High. This is a new world and new age of superheroes to explore and fall in love with, anyone who enjoys the young adult genre will find this book satisfying. Now I can’t wait to read book 2….

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2am Secrets by M. Piper – Review by Caitriona Brauders

2am Secrets2am Secrets by M. Piper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you are craving a good romantic novel to escape from the real world, pick up this book now!

2AM Secrets is a book that grabbed my attention from the first page or two, the main characters Archer and Sadie are complex and have a depth to them that I feel characters can lack in romance books so I loved following their steamy relationship full of desire and forbidden passion. M. Piper has a way of setting the scene quite intensely so its easy to get lost in her words. The background plot was a great way of helping to make the story very believable and relatable. I think a good way of knowing if a book is great is asking yourself if you would read it again and I will read this again.

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The Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L.Montgomery – Review by Caitriona Brauders

The Fat Girl's Guide to Loving Your BodyThe Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L. Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not a self help book but a self love book.

This isn’t the type of book I normally read but took more from it than I thought I would.
Yes, it is aimed at plus sized women but I believe that everyone should try to love their body because it’s the only one we get get and although it is a long process, this book will give you some essential tips to help you achieve that. It opened my eyes to some issues plus sized women go through and I have learned valuable lessons in what is appropriate to say to friends and family when they say things about their weight.

This isn’t just a book, it’s a self love journal and a self love bible.

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The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price by C. L. Schneider – Review by Caitriona Brauders

Magic-Price (The Crown of Stones, #1)Magic-Price by C.L. Schneider
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Best book I’ve read in years
This is honestly the best book I’ve read in years and thats not just the best in the fantasy genre but in general. It has mystery, suspense, romance and lots of battles! It had me hooked straight away which to me is very important in a book. I loved the way the author brought in crystals and gemstones and it was genius the way they intertwined with the main storyline throughout the book. I loved following the main character Ian as he is a character with depth. Hes someone who has so much power inside him that he doesn’t know what to do with. I feel privileged to have read it and cant wait to read more from C.L. Schneider!

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