Joe Football by Autumn Sand

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Joe Football by Autumn Sand


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Genre – College Romance, Sports Romance

Page Count – 307 pages

Goodreads –

Hate the game, not the player…

Only the good die young, but did it really have to be my brother–the only person in my family who understood me? Growing up in a house that’s built entirely on Super Bowl wins, I refuse to love the game and the men who play it. Football has a way of destroying lives. And here I am frustrated, angry, and empty–sick of everything that has any connection to the sport.

But then Brice comes along…

He’s everything I want, and everything I hate. Now that he’s a part of my world, I can’t give him my heart. It’s too shattered and fragile for someone like him. But I keep wondering, can he mend the broken pieces, or will he toss it away like just another one of his touchdown passes?


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Autumn Sand was born and raised in New York City. Considering herself a true New Yorker in every way from the restaurants that she eats to the shoe fetish she has. Oh yes at one time Autumn has had a shoe collection of 300 and has the credit card statements to prove it. Other than shoe shopping she has various interests such as reading, writing, and traveling. Autumn has worked in the fashion industry for most of her adult life before pursuing writing. She is reluctant to call herself an author but considers herself a person who writes words that people just so happen to like to read. As you can tell Autumn has a sarcastic sense of humor and loves to make her friends laugh in all occasions. She enjoys a good glass of wine but her go to drink of choice is a Jack Daniels and coke with a twist of lime. None of those froufrou girlie drinks for her.





Operation Boyfriend by Molly Zenk

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Operation Boyfriend by Molly Zenk
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Genre – YA / College Romance / Rom-Com
Page Count – 266 pages
Goodreads -

It’s safe to say my love life stinks. As if getting dumped for another guy by my long-term boyfriend isn’t enough, my hopes at finding a boyfriend get crushed with a string of disastrous dates.

But then I meet the strange bus boy who has been staring at me for the last three months. He’s awkward, goofy, and has no fashion sense. Corin is the exact opposite of what I should want in a boyfriend, but I feel drawn to him in a way I can’t explain.

There’s also Daniel. Smart, charming, successful, and well-dressed. He’s the perfect man, the kind of guy I should want. Even my family is convinced we’re meant to be together.

Somehow, I went from the girl with a catastrophic love life to a woman with one too many options.

Now I need to decide whether to follow my head…or my heart.


MOLLY ZENK was born in Minnesota, grew up in Florida, lived briefly in Tennessee before finally settling in Colorado. She graduated from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL with degrees in Secondary Education, English, and Creative Writing. She is married to a Mathmatician/Software Engineer who complains about there not being enough “math” or info about him in her author bio. They live in Arvada, CO with their young daughters, 1 dog, and 1 cat.

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