If you’re looking for an exciting storyline with engaging characters written by an author with amazing talent I’ve got the book for you. Game of Fear by Glede` Browne Kabongo is all that and so much more. This book is exciting, suspenseful and full of enjoyable characters.

In Game of Fear Abbie Cooper’s entire life is about to be flipped upside down and she will question everything she thought she knew. Abbie is in her Senior year of High School and she has her whole future mapped out starting with going to Princeton. Yet everything changes when Abbie finds a note in her locker.

“I know what you did. Hypocrite! Justice will be served.” -The Avenger

What Abbie doesn’t know is that The Avenger’s game is just starting and won’t end until Abbie plays to the end. With the help of some awesome friends Abbie tries to figure out who is behind this and to stop them before it’s too late.

Will Abbie find out who The Avenger is or will Abbie’s entire world crumble around her?

This was my first time reading anything from this author Glede` Browne Kabongo and I can say it will definitely not be the last! This author is extremely talented and I am thrilled that Game of Fear is only the beginning. Abbie’s story continues in book two Autumn of Fear.

Somebody in the Neighborhood by Judy Moore – Review by Elizabeth Clark

Somebody in the Neighborhood by Judy Moore is a book full of mystery, suspense and interesting characters. This book is well written and the amount of detail will make you think you are actually inside the book.

Somebody in the Neighborhood is about a young woman Dawn who moves to Florida into her recently deceased Aunt’s house. Dawn’s Aunt Amy is the 2nd murder victim in the small Florida community. With the killer still unknown Dawn finds suspicious characters all around her. While reading this book I thought I knew who the killer was until the next chapter and I would think it was someone else. This author did a fantastic job writing this book. I liked her characters and found myself turning pages as fast as possible so I could figure out who the killer was.

This book is more than just a murder mystery it is also a story about a young woman growing into her own. Watching Dawn grow throughout the book was beautiful and inspiring. Dawn becomes an independent, strong woman ready to take on the world. I enjoyed reading this book and reading Dawn’s story.

And you will never guess who the killer is..