Close Up (Exposure, #3) by Annie Jocoby – Review Colleen Noyes

Close Up (Exposure, #3)Close Up by Annie Jocoby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Close Up by Annie Jocoby is the third book in the Exposure Series and picks up immediately where book 2 left off. CJ is completely shocked by Asher’s proposal and even though she wants to say yes, there are still so many doubts for her. It doesn’t help that she still can’t remember any of the feelings she had before her accident.

While she is trying unsuccessfully to put her life back together, it has made her stronger and she is beginning to face things she once ran from like visiting her mother and sister. What she doesn’t expect is the response she receives from them, but you see a true growth in how she handles the rejection.

Asher wants desperately to be there for her and for her just to love him. The problem is that he doesn’t really know the meaning of the word boundaries and the more he pushes the more she pulls. They create a tug-o-war of emotions that hurts both of them because they can’t seem to find a balance.

CJ wants to be a woman on her own two feet before jumping into anything. “I need to get my life together. I need to prove to myself that I can handle my own problems and issues on my own. My family, my job, my finances…I need to know, for myself, that I’m not helpless without you. I hope that I can get my head straightened out about all of this, and I can come back to you and take you up on your proposal. I’m not making any promises, though.”

For the first time in his life Asher truly loves someone and is willing to take a chance, to share everything about his past, all his secrets but knows he first needs the approval of his father or CJ will be susceptible to what Sophie would do to her. That’s a chance Asher just can’t take. As Sophie continues to blackmail and threaten them, they are in a race against the clock. Will they be able to keep CJ safe? Will CJ be able to handle all of Asher’s secrets and still love him? The continuation of their story in this third book keeps you engaged and intrigued. You just want to root for them, but it’s possible it’s just way too late.

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Focus (Exposure, #2) by Annie Jocoby – Review by Colleen Noyes

Focus (Exposure, #2)Focus by Annie Jocoby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Focus by Annie Jocoby is the second book in the Exposure Series and begins with CJ Parker missing. CJ is gone and Asher Sloane has no idea where she is or why she was taken but his concern is that maybe it has to do with him and his past life. If CJ was taken as a way to get to Asher, he would never be able to live with himself and it would be that much more difficult to get her back. When someone from his past suddenly shows up with information about her whereabouts he is willing to pay any price even if it requires telling a lie and living with the consequences.

CJ suddenly wakes up drugged, blind folded, and scared for her life. She has no idea why she has been kidnapped, where she is, or who has her. As the reality of her situation becomes clearer she immediately panics. She has been kidnapped, bought and sold, and now her buyer is looking to sell her again. She is not the only one in the room, there is another woman Marisa who is also being held captive. By the time Asher puts his information to use and finds CJ, she has already been sold again and the seller won’t give Asher any information about the buyer. He is however willing to sell Asher the other woman, Marisa and Asher soon realizes it may provide him with more information in how to get to CJ.

While Asher is working out a plan to save CJ, she meets her new buyer who hopes to turn her into a sex slave. She is left drugged, beaten, and then by the grace of God has a tragic event happen that makes it a little easier for Asher to find her, only problem is her injuries are extensive in ways the reader would never predict. As she has to fight to overcome her new lifestyle I feel it makes her stronger in some aspects and a little freer. I feel that some of her reservations are not the same and it gives her a new strength to do something she couldn’t do in book 1. The trials that ensue her and Asher continue to have the tug of war of being together and being apart, but there can be great strength in that. I can’t wait to see the ramifications of the choices they have each made in book 3 and if they will ever get their deserved happy ever after.

Annie Jocoby kept me engaged from the beginning. This book had more love, more suspense and more adventure. It had more history of the characters and introduced us to new characters that we may just fall in love with.

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