To Be a Fae Guardian (Audio Book) by Tricia Copeland – Review by Heather Lovelace

5 stars

For any fans of epic fantasy and beautifully created worlds, you will NEVER go wrong with a book by Tricia Copeland. This book and series is very familiar to me and I was excited to be able to listen to a favorite. The story came to life in a brand new way and allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the story and universe powerfully. The narration only added to the richness of the story development. Run and get a copy of the book and audio as quick as you can. Worth every minute!

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland – Review by Nina Maes

This was a great listen. Took a road trip and listen to this epic story. It pulled me in immediately and had my senses on alert. This story has it all family drama, love and bravery. Looking forward to listening or read more from this author. Just love how the author paints you an amazing story.

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland – Review by Amanda Glaspie

This was an interesting listen as Titania battles to determine who she can trust while also containing locusts that threaten her kingdom. I have read/listened to the first book but I found that not to be an issue. The author did a good job of referencing the first book and giving a quick background. I did find that the book jumped around and glossed over details or focused on details that were not as important but overall I enjoyed the book. I find myself rooting for strong female characters, especially when their differences are highlighted and focused on trying to make them appear as bad. Titania is a strong character who proves her worth through her actions.

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland – Review by Katie Matthews

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book

By Tricia Copeland 

5 stars


This was a fantastic audio book and one that I really enjoyed listening to. The authors writing together with the wonderful narration really brought this story to life. I could easily imagine everything that I was listening to. The character Tatiana was so amazing – I loved listening to her story. I really felt her emotions at times and I felt really connected to her as a character. The author did an amazing job with creating the fantasy land that this series takes place in and her wonderful attention to detail makes it so believable to read. I would highly recommend this audio book and I can’t wait to listen to more from this author in the future!

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland – Review by Bobbi Wagner

This is my first audiobook by this author.  I really enjoyed listening to it.  I look forward to listening to more by this author.  I enjoyed how the narrator was able to pull me into the story by using different tones of voice.   It also helped keep the story engaging.  The characters  took me on an adventure of magic and evil spirits.   They are not only connectable and the narrator gave life to the story. This is a story of a journey to Middle Earth and a race of survival to save all from darkness.  I highly recommend this audiobook and this author.

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland – Review by Taylor K Stephenson

~Journey to Middle Earth with a Fae Queen~

This is my second time through this book. I read the kindle versions first, but when I saw the audible come out I knew I had to try it out. Titania is such a force to be reckoned with. The story is strongly gripping, and I can easily see that Titania and her entourage have done some major development in their adventures so far. 


I had a hard time listening through the audible, but I gave it 5 stars because it’s probably personal preference. I found the audio to be monotone, a little difficult to hear the words and not just the lyrical cadence of the narrator. It’s possible that reading through it myself the first read through, I was picturing the inflection going a little differently for Titania. Overall though a very thorough performance on this fantasy journey. 


Titania goes through so much, is so level headed, and well rounded. Truly a hero! If you are questioning picking up this series, you won’t be disappointed. Fae, Middle Earth, strong companionship, difficult choices, a kingdom in need of justice only a young heroine can redeem!!! What more could you ask for in a fantastical journey to Middle Earth?

Reviewed by @taylorkstephenson

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland – Review by Shelly Kittell

This story is so packed full of action, adventure, suspense, and intrigue. Titania is one of my favorite fantasy characters. She is badass and strong by putting her kingdom and people before everything else. She really isn’t afraid to break laws to protect people. This is book 2 of the series and continues Titania’s adventures of dealing with consequences of trying to protect the kingdom. Now one person is facing those consequences. Can she save him and her kingdom? She has so much pressure all around her and secrets to hide. The author does a great job in writing her and developing the plot around her struggles. It’s been a delight to listen this story. I’ve enjoyed going through and hearing Titania battle through and get what she needs. I have read this story but to listen to it on audio gives it a whole new level of comprehension because you can picture it, listen and basically create your own picture in your mind. It’s another level of imagination. The narrator did a great job of changing the voices around and giving excitement to the story. She kept the story going. I really enjoyed the story. Everything came together and made it all work.

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland – Review by Melissa Saxton

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles, #2)To be a Fae Guardian by Tricia Copeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A terribly young queen with insight far beyond her tender age of 16 years old saves a realm and then is condemned for it.
She struggles knowing her instincts are right, but a council consisting of a different generation of fae can’t see things the way she does.
She perseveres despite some heart lurching goodbyes and she learns not to trust so quickly, except in her own decisions.
She makes one hard decision after another but continues above all else to put the realm and her kingdom before herself. Will she regain trust in herself? Can she erase self doubt? Can she protect a realm that doesnt seem to want her protection? Can she mend her tender young broken heart?
This series is addictive and is a can’t miss for Fae lovers. The narration adds so much to this story with inflection and personality to the characters as well.

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To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland – Review by Kerry Baker

I love being able to follow up a good book with the audio version so I was excited to get to read this one. I thought the narrator did a great job of bringing the story and the characters to life. They made them feel so much more real and I could visualise everything with ease.
The story still felt just as exciting as when I was reading it Ns even though I knew what was coming I still felt like I was surprised anew. I really enjoyed this adaption and hope to listen to more of this authors books.

To be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) Audio Book by Tricia Copeland

To Be a Fae Guardian (Realm Chronicles Book 2) by Tricia Copeland
Genre – YA, Fae
Listening Length – 8 hours
Narrated by – Jillian Yetter
Cover Designer – Shower of Schmidt Designs

Titania defeats a group of creatures threatening to colonize Middle Earth. In ending them she broke not one but two edicts of the High Council. But justice may fall on the only person holding the key to her ability to defend the fae. 

The evil spirits manifesting the terrorists lurk below, lying in wait to strike again. With loss of a much-needed ally, she lacks freedom to learn what the realm may be facing. Worse yet, many, even some most trusted compatriots, distance themselves from the reckless Queen she’s painted to be. 

Her power shackled and left alone, Titania loses faith in her once clear path. 

Can she find her footing in time to save them all from eternal darkness? 

To Be a Fae Guardian is the second book in the Realm Chronicles series, continuing a magical journey into the realm of Middle Earth. If you like dauntless heroines, you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s gripping fantasy. 

Get To be a Fae Guardian to spiral into a new world.


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