Grayson (This is Our Life Series #1) by F.G. Adams – Review by Jenni Bishop

Grayson (This is Our Life Series #1)Grayson by F.G. Adams
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Grayson Blackwood looks like he comes from a model family but looks can be deceiving, secretly he is living a life from hell. His father is a pillar of the community, a wealthy farming man but he hides a dirty secret, he is abusive a trait that was handed down from his father. Grayson and his younger sister are the only ones left at home, his elder sisters managing to break away from the vicious cycle. Grayson has sworn he will never be like his father, he is determined to be a far far better man. Grayson has decided that in order to heal and get away from his father is to to join the forces to fight for himself, his country and everything he holds dear.

Being constantly on the move due to her father’s exploits they find themselves in the town of Lakeview where Ella Anderson is working hard to go to school and work to provide and make ends meet for her family. Ella’s mother is sick and her father is a con artist to name a few but she is determined to help her mother have an easier time as the sickness consumes her. But one thing has never been lacking and that is the love and bond they share.

Grayson has spent seven years serving his country and is a Captain in his special ops team taking out the terrorist cells. But that hasn’t stopped him from thinking about his girl and how she disappeared after the promise to be together for ever. Ella is serving her country as a nurse and has just come face to face with the man she once loved, the one who broke her heart. Ella i trying to live the life she now has but is unable to stop thinking about her past life. Now Grayson has found her again he is determined to never let her get away from him again.

Can they overcome the hurt from the past to be together? Will they be torn apart and lose each other before they have really found each other again? Will the lies and deceit prove too much?

FG writes a good story with a twist you don’t see coming. I found myself rooting for the characters and enjoyed the book from start to finish.

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