Pointe of Breaking by Amy Daws and Sarah Pepper – Review by Krystal Gaston

Pointe of BreakingPointe of Breaking by Amy Daws
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pointe of breaking by amy daws and sarah pepper is a five star read to me.  I haven’t read a book this great in a few month. First there’s Adeline, she’s a great prima ballerina studying at the Joffery Ballet Company in NYC.  Shes there on a Richards scholarship from her home town of Chicago, she works at a coffee house called Cuppa.  She works hard to maintain her scholarship and her loft apartment.  While working one night she meets a handsome senior named Blake Rossi, he threatens to get her fired unless she agrees to a date with him.  They end up in a relationship that ends rather abruptly after Blake proposes to Adeline.  She is heartbroken and devastated, she has yet to understand why they broke up but after a year of being broken up she realizes just how toxic their relationship was.  She never met his friends of family and never did things as a couple besides sex.  Right before Adeline is set to do the performance of a lifetime, one that can make or break you on the ballet world, Blake shows up and tried to make up a Adeline using her weakness and love for him to have sex with her.  Afterwards she realizes shes late for her performance and she feels devastated after what just happened with Blake.  While doing her performance she makes eye contact with Leonardo (Leo).  After maintaining eye contact throughout her entire performance she notices he is sitting with none other than Blake.  Shes heartbroken and feeling used after an amazing performance and decided to go to the seedy hole in the wall across the street there she actually meets Leo.  Can Leo help fix Adelines heart or will he ruin her for good.    Will Leos connection to Blake make her run or will she give him a chance.  Can Blake stay away or will he try to ruin any happiness Adeline could have with Leo.  This is a story of loss, betrayal, love, passion, and heartbreak.  But in the end will Adeline and Leo push through all the obstacles his privileged life puts in front of them or will her lower class status be what breaks them due to the pressure to not date beneath your class.  Can Leo fix all his wrong doings towards Adeline and can they share their secrets about their pasts along with current mistakes. Can leos parents repair their relationship with Adeline after his moms takes her scholarship from her. Does Blake  take advantage of Adeline in a weak moment during a break up with Leo or will Blakes wife ruin everything….

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