Seized by Obscurity (Evergreen Series #1) by Joann Herley – Review by Emma Haverstock

Seized by Obscurity (Evergreen Series #1)Seized by Obscurity by Joann Herley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off let me say that I love it when fantasy writers add more to established types of characters like vampires. The basics in this story are the same like you become a vampire by being bitten and drained and then drinking the blood of another vampire. BUT Joann Herley adds so much more to the background of what a vampire can be and what kind of powers a vampire can posess.
Thomas is our main male character and I really love his transition from lost soul hellbent on revenge to someone who is willing to sacrifice all that he has for others. Lara is a wonderful leading lady and I thoroughly enjoy that she’s not just some simpering aristocrat. She is loving and incredibly tough. She wants the best for her people even when they don’t believe they deserve it.
I would have liked a little bit more background than the prologue provided but this is the first book in the series so hopefully we will learn more about Lord Evergreen and Alltree. I was especially intrigued by Magna and her relationship with her sister. I need to know if they were always this different!!
This is a very promising beginning to a series and I have high expectations for the rest of it.

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