Playing Fate (Endgame Series, #1) by Leigh Ann Lunsford – Review by Moriah Venable

Playing Fate (Endgame Series #1)Playing Fate by Leigh Ann Lunsford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Playing Fate is the first book in the Endgame series by author Leigh Ann Lunsford. This is my first book by this author.

The novel is told between the POVs of Saylor Lewis, a 19 year old in her first year of college. She is from a small town and with the passing her father years before, believes that her father stopped loving her causing her to have trust issues. Her only goal is to study to retain her scholarship. She wants to be more social but still finds comfort in her own room. She moves into a house with two other girls, Emmberlee and Avery. The other point of view is Deacon who lives next door with the boys Caden and Mason. They have all grown up together. The boys play baseball but because of circumstances their original plan changes.

“As long as I could remember, we were all going to the Major Leagues. Our junior year we were scouted, and we all hand a future laid out in front of us. Cue Adriane…she blew my world apart, changed my plans, and Mason and Caden weren’t ready to give up the dream. They took it in stride when we couldn’t go to the majors. They followed me to college, and we are still learning to navigate this world. Caden has accepted it, but he doesn’t let it much bother him. He just ducks and rolls…block anything that will leave a lasting impression in his life.”

Saylor initially feels like an outsider but soon becomes part of the group. She feels an attraction to Deacon but because she hears about “Julie” all the time she believes that she is his girlfriend and doesn’t understand why he’d be pursuing her when he is with someone.

“Since I left my life, in New Mexico, I haven’t forged relationships. I was a loner by nature, even though I longed to fit in. I’m a regular oxymoron.” Saylor wants what any teenager wants: To feel like you belong somewhere. To find people who care about you.

She soons finds out that Julie is not his girlfriend but in fact his 4 month old daughter. The mother left and gave him all rights. Which makes her start to feel different towards him but still have her defenses up.

Deacon knows that Saylor is guarded because of her childhood, her father left, and is willing to wait for her to let down her defenses. She is obviously attracted to him but isn’t sure about starting a relationship with him because of her trust issues.

With the arrival of Deacon’s ex, thinking that he will get back with her, causesher to end things. With both of them miserable, the others excluding Emmberlee,who is the cause of bringing Adriane back, devise a plan to reunite Deacon and Saylor.

I really enjoyed this book. I related to Saylor because of her trust issues and her desire to want a new start by going away to college. I just wish she was not so back and forth. But I understood that too. I really didn’t like Emmberlee. I liked her at first but then her personality changed. I was hoping she would redeem herself.

I loved the scene when Saylor learns the truth about her father. Such an amazing scene. I really did love Saylor and Deacon’s relationship. And I fell so in love with Julie. Such a cute baby.

I am interested in reading Emmberlee’s story. Maybe we will learn more about her.

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