Tink (Devil’s Handmaidens MC Book 1) by D.M. Earl – Review by M Policicchio

Tink (Devil's Handmaidens MC-Book One)Tink by D.M. Earl
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The action in this book never ends. It grabs you by the throat and keeps a good grip until the end. WOW!!!

Tink knows the harsh realities of being a sexual assault survivor. Tink, Shadow, and few friends have created a Motorcycle Club that helps break up sex trafficking rings, and then helps the survivors find their way. This is her mission, her life’s goal. When Tink starts being stalked by an unknown past, she is forced to face more than just this threat.

Tink is joined by several colorful characters, her best friend Shadow, her wanna-be boyfriend Noodles, her father Tank, and other various friends. The characters are so realistic and natural that you forget that they are fictional. I didn’t need another MC series in my life, but this one found me. Grab me a kutte, find me a road name, I am a Handmaiden sister for life!!!

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More Than by Diane Barnes – Review by M Policicchio

More ThanMore Than by Diane Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book surprised me for several reasons, some good, some bad. This book has a heartwarming story with a fantastic ending. The author is right that it is not the amount of weight you lose when starting a weight loss journey, but about how you feel about yourself during and at the end of the journey. The weight is just a number.

Peggy is fighting more battles than she knows. Fourteen years ago, her husband was tragically taken from her. Luckily, he provided enough for her to be able to stay at home and raise their twins. Now the twins are graduating high school and headed off to college, trying to start their own lives. Peggy has really not paid attention to herself since her husband died. She saw herself as the twins’ mom. Peggy has gained some weight. Peggy has also developed a small obsession with a tv show about a medium that speaks to folks that have passed away. Peggy feels that if she went on the show, she would finally get validation from her husband that she raised their twins right. Peggy’s daughter said that her father would not recognize Peggy from all the weight she has gained. So Peggy’s daughter and son give Peggy an exercise program. Peggy struggles with the decision to go.

Peggy finally goes and meets some new people, developing friendships. This is something Peggy hasn’t had since her husband died and she started identifying herself as “the twins’ mom”. As Peggy learns to manage the new friendships, the changing relationships with her children, the desire to hear from her husband, and life in general, Peggy is gaining more than she is losing.

Although I don’t agree with how the author presents Peggy’s weight, the delightful story about Peggy finding herself is a fantastic read. As a lifelong bonus-sized individual, I have learned that it is not about the number on scale, it is about who you are as a person. I was so happy to read about the picture Peggy’s son texted her, finally getting everything she needed.

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The Rom Com Movie Club (The Rom Com Movie Club Book 1) by Bernadette Marie – Review by M Policicchio

The Rom Com Movie Club - Book OneThe Rom Com Movie Club – Book One by Bernadette Marie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Luv, luv, luv this book!!! I am in for all the future Rom Com Movie Nights!!

Lisa, Tina, Mindy and Ruby, the members of the Rom Com Movie Club. The group is all flustered because Tina is getting married soon and the tension is starting to mount. Once the girls all get to this month’s location, Lisa’s condo, they put on their facial masks, paint their toes and settle into the month’s selection. Soon, an unexpected ring of the doorbell brings Tina’s fiance and his very single, very delicious brother bearing cookies. Despite first meeting with Lisa covered in avocado mask and pj’s, there is an instant spark with Ryan. In a matter of days, Ryan and Lisa are inseparable. She knows this is all too fast. Probably too fast, so it won’t last. But for Lisa, that is the norm, people never stay.

From the beginning, everybody warned Ryan that Lisa had baggage. Even Lisa kept telling him that eventually he would tire of her and leave, she would understand. Ryan was unsure of how to handle this. When he thought of Lisa, he thought forever. As he started to get to know her more, Ryan started to understand where these statements came from, but he was determined to make sure that Lisa knew that his forever was truly forever. As the wedding came closer and happened, family, ex’s, history and even friends tried to get the way of the HEA for these rom com junkies. Will Lisa and Ryan get their HEA?

I love these characters. The sisterhood is magical!! I hope that we get to continue to see them in the next books.

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Gunner (Hollins & Haring Book 3) by T.J. Beach – Review by M Policicchio

Gunner (Hollins & Haring #3)Gunner by T.J. Beach
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my first book in this series. This author has an interesting way of storytelling. There is so much going on at all times. I am not sure which plot line to focus on or which one matters the most. In this book there are at least 4 different lines to follow. The thing is that you can easily follow each one. It is fantastic.

Deb and Gary are friends and partners in a private investigations firm in Western Australia. Deb and Gary have a unique relationship. They seem more like brother and sister. The story is set at the beginning of the Covid pandemic when there was little known about the disease. Deb’s mom, Nan, was diagnosed with Covid and is growing sicker. Deb and Gary have had to self-isolate with Deb’s kids. To keep Deb’s mind off of Nan’s illness, Gary tells Deb a story about his experience with covert government agencies in London. As part of this tale, Gary tells Deb about his former partner, Tish, and their relationship. As Nan’s condition changes, Gary’s tale of covert undercover work grows more dangerous.

I can’t believe the way this book ends. Seriously. Nothing like a good old fashioned cliffhanger. Even if the book didn’t end the way it did, I am pretty sure I was sticking around to find out what happens next. This is an amazing read!!

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Hot for Teacher by Felicia Carparelli – Review by M Policicchio

Hot for Teacher - Shakespeare Made Us Fall in LoveHot for Teacher – Shakespeare Made Us Fall in Love by Felicia Carparelli
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How does one put a new spin on Romeo & Juliet? Set in the modern day, add a bad guy, add some instant love and some sweet romance, that is how!! This author uses Shakespearan quotes as though they were modern day dialogue. It was great and fun to read.

Juliet is a divorced woman that is trying to find her way. She has been divorced for 5 years now and wants to be in a relationship but doesn’t want to get her heartbroken again. She is walking a tightrope! When an enigmatic student takes her class and then calls for dating advice, Juliet starts to wonder if putting her number on the syllabus for student’s to contact her for help was such a good idea. This student just keeps surprising her.

James is kind of in a rut. His kids are pushing him to get out and get a little culture by attending this college course. James is not sure that Shakespeare is what he needs in his life but is willing to try. When James meets Juliet, he knows that she is the missing piece to his life. He is determined to make Juliet his. Buuuuuuut, Juliet isn’t so sure. She is unwilling to trust and open her heart. Can James get her to change her mind? Will a ghost from Juliet’s past ruin everything?

This fast-paced story is a quick read. Loved the he falls first part. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Shakespeare quotes and poetry!! Fantastic story.

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Defiant Princess (Mafia Elite Series Prequel) by Amy McKinley – Review by M Policicchio

Defiant Princess (Mafia Elite Prequel)Defiant Princess by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can’t believe this author found a way for me to love these characters more than I already did. Had I read this first, I would find myself wanting to read more about these badass women. As it was, I couldn’t possibly not read about a character named after me!!! (Seriously, I know it wasn’t me but I can dream.)

This short, intense story allows a glimpse into the lives of the Mafia Princesses and why they are as strong as they are. These women are strong, loyal, intelligent, talented, and we can’t forget deadly. This is a beautiful origin story, a starting point!

If you haven’t started this series, read this now! Then, dive head first into the series. If you are already reading the series, STOP!! Read this immediately. Don’t delay. Then, pick up where you left off. It will make sense. Trust me. You need to read this book.

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Faultless Love (The Bennetts of Langston Falls Book 1) by KG Fletcher – Review by M Policicchio

Faultless Love (The Bennetts of Langston Falls, #1)Faultless Love by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has me so torn. There is so much good about it; the characters, the familial love, the ideals, the HEA, and more. There is just so much that frustrated me; Glen only getting 2 months of community service after everything, how quickly the process moved for Ted (if that were only true in real life), Judge Danforth!!!

Theodore “Ted” Bennett is just getting out on parole after serving 5 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Life, as it does, has moved on and left him behind. Ted must figure out where his place is in his family, in the family business, and in the world. He can only hope that one person has not moved on without him, the love of his life and the reason he made it through his time inside, Robyn.

Robyn had plans for her life but gave those up during a dark period. The one man she couldn’t live without went to prison for something he didn’t do. Robyn tried to have a life without him but only managed basic attempts, semi-relationships with men she didn’t love and barely liked, and a mostly dead-end job. When Ted was released from prison, Robyn found her way back to him. Could it lead back to a revival of her dreams?

Ted and Robyn had found their way back to each other and things were going smooth until one night when the past came back to slap Ted in the face, literally. Now, Ted’s freedom is at risk. Will he manage to avoid the temptation to fight back?

This author manages to pack in all the feels into a couple hundred pages. You are up, you are down. You are angry, you are happy. You are laughing, you are crying. It is a good thing it is a series because I hope we not only follow each sibling, but the family. These sweet stories are so worth the read.

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I Love You Today (Trading Heartbeats Trilogy Book 2) by Julie Navickas – Review by M Policicchio

I Love You Today (The Trading Heartbeats Trilogy Book 2)I Love You Today by Julie Navickas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t know where to begin. I felt actual pain in my heart at the end of Chapter 24. I was aghast. I almost couldn’t continue. But I had to get to the end to know how it was fixed. Amazing. Can’t wait for the 3rd book.

Austin is still heartbroken that Mavis chose his twin over him. There is a small glimmer of hope with Casey but how can he pursue her from 2000 miles away. Austin gets the chance of his life. His law firm partners ask him to oversee the opening of the new Chicago office. This gives him a chance to not only escape the drama at home but move on, possibly with Casey. Austin jumps at the chance.

Casey is floundering without Mavis. Mavis was her champion, her strength, her best friend, her sister. With Mavis moved back to California to be with the love of her life, what now? It is crazy to think Austin would be interested. He surprises her by telling her that he is moving to Chicago and agrees to live with her. Maybe they can see if there is a possibility. As Casey and Austin grow closer, Mavis’ wedding looms in the future. So many things come to a head when Austin and Casey return to California for the wedding. Will this mean the end of Casey and Austin?

Destroyed. Still not over it. Not sure I ever will be. How could that be said? And with the step up for Book 3?? OMG!!! I don’t know if my heart can take the wait. Read this book. Read this series. But be prepared for the book hangover. I am warning you in advance. It will be a while before you can heal and move on from this emotional game of love.

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Petty’s Crime (Satan’s Devils MC Las Vegas Book 3) by Manda Mellett – Review by M Policicchio

Petty's Crime (Satan's Devils MC Las Vegas #3)Petty’s Crime by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have tried to avoid jumping into another chapter when I am still reading the mother chapter from Arizona but I should have known better. This author has proven time and time again that she rocks.

RoseLyn is an up and coming singer with a minor residence in Las Vegas. She is attempting to put her life back in order after getting out of an abusive relationship. The only problem is that it looks like her ex-boyfriend is unwilling to let her go. He has become a stalker that no one seems to be able to find. RoseLyn’s manager hires the Satan’s Devils as personal protection for RoseLyn.

Petty is a man that has seen and been through a lot, starting with losing his father at a very young age. Petty served his time in the military and is now serving on RoseLyn’s protection detail. Petty and RoseLyn don’t seem to like each other very much. That works just fine for Petty because he has no interest in allowing a woman anywhere near his heart ever again. When Petty’s past catches up to him, he has no choice but to accept it. How will anyone understand?

Things get a little crazy with the stalker ex. Add on Petty’s past and things go even more crazy. So much is against Petty and RoseLyn. Will they ever be able to lead a life without stalkers or ex’s messing things up? Only time will tell.

Here is yet another chapter that I am now in love with. I can’t get enough of these bikers. I won’t pick a chapter. I won’t pick a chapter to love more than the others. It is just too difficult. Just like the issues the author tackles in these stories about hard riding bikers and the powerful, independent women who love them. In this book alone, domestic violence, PTSD, childhood trauma, consent and stalking were handled with love and care. This particular story had much less steam than I am used to from this author but the story was better for it. It was very much appropriate for the characters and plot. I now know that no matter what chapter the biker is from, he will have a place in my heart and on my shelf!!!

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Yesterday’s Over (Philly Heat Series Book 3) by Becky Flade – Review by M Policicchio

Yesterday's Over (Philly Heat series, #3)Yesterday’s Over by Becky Flade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OMG! What a twist! What an ending. You will think you have this figured out before the end but you could be wrong. I know I was-ish.

Trudy is a hard working, caring ME for the county of Philadelphia. When a row house blows up due to a gas leak, old bones are discovered. Tudy wants to help bring closure to the families of the bones. Her journey leads her to anthropologist Ben. Ben is the opposite of Trudy in almost every way. Ben gets involved with Trudy to help her uncover who the bones are.

Someone out there doesn’t want the identity of the bones discovered. And they are willing to kill to keep their secret. When the danger for Trudy and Ben increases, so does the tension in their possible new relationship. Will they survive the case? Will their relationship?

You will stay glued to the pages as they go flying by to find out not only who the killer is but if Trudy and Ben survive. Love this series. Another great addition.

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Yesterday’s Over (Philly Heat Series Book 3) by Becky Flade – Review by