Cinderfella by Kristy Brown – Review by Emily Walsh

By: Kristy Brown
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cinderfella by Kristy Brown was a sweet, entertaining reverse fairytale retelling, that stole my heart.

I love fairytale retellings, and this one wasn’t only unique but it was fresh, modern, and had all the magic of the original. The only thing that I think would have made this story all the more amazing, an epilogue. Just a little something to us know, that their dreams came true.

I will say that this book is a little darker then your normal sugar sweet retelling, and I like that little bit of a twist. There was just something about them that made me root for them. I loved how is wasn’t just love at first sight, they connected, spent time together, and actually developed proper feelings for one another. The ball at the end was a nice nod, and I loved the entrance scene, I got chills!

Overall this book is a wonderful retelling that will play on that childhood nostalgia. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval that, you will fall head over heels for this fuzzy read.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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Hate to Love You (Baker’s Bunch Book 1) by Lily Ryan

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Hate to Love You (Baker’s Bunch Book 1) by Lily Ryan
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Genre – New Adult Romance
Page Count – 199 pages
Cover Designer –
Goodreads –…/show/44483245-hate-to-love-you

All it takes is one kiss.
One mind-bending, toe-curling, life altering kiss to change everything.
The night my brother faces death, I embrace life.
I’m a mess. Until the strong arms of Cole Andrews find me.
Tears turn to kisses, and comfort to lust.
As the men in my life take turns falling off their pedestals, one man rises.
The one I’ve wanted for years. The man I’m head over heels in love with.
My brother’s best friend.
Cole Andrews.

Samantha Stone is forbidden.
Off limits.
She’s been running around my head for the last year.
In the face of tragedy, she’s left alone, vulnerable and crying in my arms.
What harm can come of one kiss?
One kiss leads into one night of unforgettable passion that changes everything.
I can’t let her go, but for her brother’s sake, we need to keep it secret.
Secrets have a way of rising to the surface and destroying everything in their path.
When they do who will be left standing? Will I lose her? My best friend? Or both?


Who doesn’t want to fall in love over and over again? I spend my days playing house with my husband and kids, and my nights lost in a fictional world with the sexy alphas of my imagination.


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The Reason Why by Izzibella Beau

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The Reason Why by Izzibella Beau Author
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Genre – New Adult Romance
Page Count – 304 pages
Cover Designer – Lori
Goodreads –

Alabama thought life was hard living with her single, loose, and always ready for another party mother… that was until her mama was sent to rehab and Alabama was shipped off to live with her mom’s best friend from high school… no one ever told her that she’d also be living with two boys… well really men that were her of her age.
Joshua was the youngest brother, only a year older than Alabama’s age of eighteen. He quickly became her friend, best friend, but he always wanted more, something that Alabama couldn’t offer him.
Hunter, just look under the word brooding, handsome, rock star, and a picture of Hunter would surely show up. He wanted nothing to do with Alabama, ignored her every chance that he got. But was that his way of not getting close to someone who could break his heart?

Alabama never asked for the heartbreak or to cause family rift living with two brothers, both of whom loved her in their own special way. Would she be able to walk away from them both or would the strings of love pull her in and if so…which brother would she choose?

Due to sexual situations and profanity, this book is not suitable for readers under 16 years of age


Izzibella Beau is an aspiring writer currently residing on a farm in the U.S. She is married and has 29 children; 3 biological and 26 canines. She earned a bachelor and master degrees in criminal justice from Saint Leo University. She also has many graduate hours in the disciplines of teaching and public services.

Ms. Beau first book Broken: Book One of the Assumption Series was released in May 2014. Since then, four other books, Barely Breathing, Blinded By Betrayal, Only Time Can Heal, and Love Hurts, have been released belonging to that series. The story is based on the lives of Bayshore Academy high school students, Ayma and Colton and a barrage of their friends and family. After the first three books, each additional book continues with the focus on another dynamic character(s) from the series. This will be a eight book series.

The second series is When Separate Worlds Collide. This will be a trilogy with two of the books already out on Amazon, Revelations and Seasons of Change. This is a new adult, paranormal, romance that promises to have lots of twists and turns that the reader never saw coming.

Other novels that Ms. Beau has written fall under the older YA and NA genres. This would include  Just Once More, Somewhere-in-Between, The Reason Why, Unforgivable Secret, and Worth The Risk. If you love stories that will make you cry, scream, curse, and fall in love then this is the series for you. Everyone has that one love in their life that they will always remember, the one that will always leave them…breathless.

Izzi has also co-authored a true-life story with model, actress, former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Abigail Rich. Invisibly Broken is the story of Ms. Rich’s life, one that will make the reader fall even more in love with this beautiful woman.  

Ms. Beau enjoys writing, reading, taking long walks, playing with all her children, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is an animal lover and will contribute a portion of her royalties to animal rescue and shelters nationwide.


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Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1) by Brittany Butler 

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Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1) by Brittany Butler
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Genre – New Adult Romance
Page Count – 283 pages
Cover Designer – Mayhem Cover Creations
Goodreads –

After Taylor Thompson receives an acceptance letter to a university an hour away, she can taste freedom. Her life is controlled by a small town and a strict father. When Taylor finds a local bar that’s hiring a waitress she applies and gets the position. However, one bartender leaves her questioning the acceptance of her new job.

Hayze Clark, the bartender that keeps customers coming back. His dark eyes pierce through your soul, drawing you near. The tattoos bellowing down his arms and the scar lining his left eyebrow keep you at a safe distance; his carefree attitude lures Taylor in. At first she’s excited for the new, perfect distractions to pull herself from misery.

The closer she gets, the more secrets are revealed, lies are told, and tears are shed. Their relationship falters and Taylor is left unsure if she’s willing to pick up the pieces of this broken guy.



I’ve always had a crazy imagination and I loved writing. So, I started writing Forever Careless to see if I had it in me. It was too much fluff for me, however my friends loved it. So, I wrote another, this time I pushed to boundaries of fluff.

One day, while in a very bad mood, I thought of a story without a happy ending. One with real problems and real people. A story that was very close to my heart. It nagged me constantly. Months later, I sat down and started Hazed. At first, he was going to be apart of the Forever Series. Just come in and wreck their lives. Instead, I went another route.

Only weeks later, Hazed was finished. I was obsessed with it. It took me over a year to finish my first novel and weeks to finish this one. I knew what that meant. I liked to write about bad people who do bad things. I like to get inside their minds and feel their crazy. So, if you’re looking for hearts and flowers, you won’t find them here. My stories are real and they aren’t pretty.







Eight Steps: A friends to lovers romance by Taylor Sullivan

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Eight Steps by Taylor Sullivan Author
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Genre – New Adult Romance
Page Count – 300 Pages
Cover Designer – Imagination UnCOVERED
Publisher – Good House Publishing
Goodreads –…/s…/42076740-eight-steps-to-alpha

Elliot Prescott has one question for his ultra nerdy roommate and best friend, Fe Porto.

Why can’t he get the girl?

And she has an answer for him. Or maybe eight.

With five years of best-friendhood under their belt, they’re about to embark on the project of a lifetime. To make Elliot alpha.

The only catch? They have just four weeks to turn the video game loving Elliot, into a cocky, sexy, tattoo clad beast Fe has read about in her romance novels.

Can they do it? Or will the flitter of love that’s been brewing under the surface finally get the kindling it’s been longing for?


Taylor Sullivan is mom of three young (or not so young) children she loves more than life. She runs them around endlessly, hoping she looks presentable enough to be out in public, and day dreams about fictional characters. Maybe she’s crazy, or maybe she craves the Barbie games she played as a little girl a little too much, but that’s where her stories are born. It’s where they blossom, and grow, and eventually breath life on the pages of her stories. 

She resides in Los Angeles with the love of her life, her children, and three dogs. She becomes giddy with excitement every time she hears from a fan, and would love to hear from YOU! 


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Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series Book 1) by Charli B Rose

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Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series Book 1) by Charli B Rose
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Genre – New Adult Romance
Page Count – 218 pages
Goodreads –…/show/42613535-beats-of-the-heart

Before they can have a second chance, they have to live through their first love… and heartbreak.

Izzy ~
We shouldn’t have taken the risk. We should’ve stayed just friends. Best friends. But only friends. But our hearts were foolish. I’d loved him forever. So, three years ago when he offered what I always longed for, I grabbed it with both hands. But I couldn’t hold on tight enough. The beauty of love blinded me. I didn’t see it coming. Didn’t expect to lose everything. My friend. My heart. My art. My privacy. All of them casualties of love lost.

Dawson ~
Every beat of my heart sang her name. She was my muse. Without her, there’d be no music. I was riding the high of fame and fortune. I had it all—status, money, her. Until the thing I’d always wanted cost me the thing I’d always needed. Love’s song drowned out all the warnings. Now she was gone. So was the music. So was my will. I was left with only silence.

What happens when two hearts sharing one beat fall out of sync?

NOTE: This is part ONE of Dawson and Izzy’s story. Their story will continue in early 2019.


I know I’m supposed to step into 3rd person here, but I just can’t do it. Hope you’ll excuse me for just being me.

I’m a reader and music lover, but I never imagined combining those loves into this. I took those two passions and started dreaming up stories that flowed with musical undercurrents.

As a romance reader, I’m a chaser of happily ever afters, so I promise I will deliver them to all the couples featured in my stories. (It may take them a while. Sometimes they don’t do what I tell them to.) The heroes of my tales are sensitive, strong, sexy and swoon-worthy. And the heroines are smart, sometimes sassy, sweet and sincere. I promise some heat and some sweet.