Unraveled by Aubrey Bondurant

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Unraveled by Aubrey Bondurant


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Genre – Contemporary Romance

Page Count – 293 pages

Cover Designer – Cassy Roop of Pink ink Designs

Goodreads –

To become undone.
To take apart.
To destroy.

I thought I had it all with my well-respected job, Hollywood boyfriend, and glamorous lifestyle. Until the truth revealed a different story. In one day, after a single word, my carefully constructed life was obliterated.

But it’s only the beginning of my spiral. There’s much further to fall.

Then I meet him. He’s the perfect man at the most imperfect time. It’s only meant to be a one night stand. A last fling before my new reality sets in. But he has different ideas. Because he doesn’t know the truth. Once he finds out, I’m convinced he’ll realize this is too much for a new relationship. He’s sure to cut and run. It’s for the best really.

After all, how can I possibly fall in love when I’m falling apart?



Aubrey Bondurant is a working mom who loves to write, read and travel.

She describes her writing style as: “Adult Contemporary Erotic Romantic Comedy,” which is just another way of saying she likes her characters funny, her bedroom scenes hot, and her romances with a happy ending.

When Aubrey isn’t working her day job, or spending time with her family, she’s on her laptop typing away on her next story. She only wishes there were more hours of the day!

She’s a former member of the military and passionate about veteran charities and giving back to the community. She loves a big drooly dog, a fantastic margarita, and football.


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After Hurricane Nina, Rand’s Resolution (Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection Book 8) By Tamara Ferguson

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After Hurricane Nina, Rand’s Resolution (Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection Book 8) By Tamara Ferguson
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Genre – Steamy Romance/Mystery
Page Count – 186 pages
Cover Designer – Michele Hauf
Goodreads –…/43555436-after-hurricane-nina-r…

On November 30, 2016, Hurricane Nina hit Bali, Indonesia. Eight Strangers. Eight Unique Stories. All Stand-alone Novels
In the aftermath of death and destruction, eight strong sexy men will realize it’s time for a change in their lives. A resolution of sorts. A contractor, personal trainer, a millionaire, a stuntman, a rock star, a thrill-seeker, an army veteran, and a trust fund prodigal will all find a way to conquer their loss and learn to love. This is Rand’s story.
Resolution: Without having to expose his mission on Bali, can trust fund prodigal Rand convince Air Force pilot Ciara he’s not an idle womanizer?
One summer, at a time when both were vulnerable as teenagers, Ciara Ryan and Randall Mathew McAllister III crossed paths in Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, supporting each other through some traumatic family issues.
Now an Air Force Lieutenant and pilot, Ciara is vacationing in Bali with two of her friends when she runs into none other than Rand McAllister, who’s residing on Bali, seemingly living the life of luxury because of a family inheritance.
Ciara knew that Rand was there on Bali, and she’s never been able to reconcile the womanizing trust fund prodigal she’d heard he’d become with the boy she’d known as a teen. Especially since she’d discovered that Rand had also attended the Air Force Academy a few years ahead of her and had apparently excelled. Sparks fly from the moment they meet again.
Unbeknownst to Ciara, Rand is also a first Lieutenant, an AFSOI agent working as a government liaison with the U.S. Embassy, while unofficially assisting the anti-terrorism unit in Indonesia.
Their worlds collide on Bali during a tropical storm evacuation when a terrorist bombing threat is exposed.
Amidst tragedy, Ciara sees a side of Rand she never knew existed. She’s suspected from the start that his life on Bali is not at all what it seems.
When Rand is discovered to be on an ISIS hit list, he’s forced to disappear.
Rand vows that he and Ciara will have a future together, but will it be too late when the assassin uses Ciara to draw Rand out?


Writing steamy yet sweet compassionate stories of fate that are wonderfully romantic, Tamara Ferguson is the multi-award winning, Amazon top 50 romantic suspense, #1 International and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the Tales of the Dragonfly Romance Suspense Series, the Kissed By Fate Series, the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Series, the Daydreams & Dragonflies Sweet Romance Series, and the Tales From Dragonfly Pointe Short Story Series.

A member of the RWA, the Authors’ Billboard and the Independent Authors’ Book Network, her stories have been included in several #1 bestselling anthologies.

Since she remains a full-time caregiver for an autistic son (along with a bunch of adopted pets!), you can usually find Tammy working at home, where she spends a lot of time not completing her numerous home improvement projects, because she’s writing or helping author friends promote their books on twitter.


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North to Nara (Crimson Sash Book 1) by Amanda Marin 

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North to Nara (Crimson Sash Book 1) by Amanda Marin
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Genre – Young adult, romance, dystopian, futuristic/sci fi
Page Count – 201 pages
CoverDesigner – Najla Qamber
Publishing Company – Inkspell Publishing
Goodreads –

Behind the beauty is heartache… unless their love can save them.
Neve Hall has always admired the good works of the civil servants who brought prosperity back to the Nation. She especially respects the Sufferers—empaths who, with the help of technology, anonymously bear others’ troubles for them. But when her assigned empath is abruptly retired, she uncovers certain secrets. Like the identity of her new Sufferer, Micah Ward… and the fact that behind his kind smile is a life filled with loneliness and pain.
The closer Neve grows to Micah, the more desperate she becomes to protect him from a cruel and gruesome fate. But in a world where only a few are allowed the luxury of love, saving Micah comes with a price: Neve must choose between her loyalty to the Nation or her heart—a decision that will take them both on a race for their freedom, and their lives.


When Amanda was a child, her father traveled frequently for business, always bringing her back a book as a present. Whether she was getting lost in the pages of a tale about far-away knights, girls with supernatural powers, or kindly giants, she was quickly hooked on stories.

Over the years, Amanda has followed her own yellow brick road of reading and writing, and although her adventures haven’t involved sword fights or saving the planet from certain annihilation, they have involved jobs in scholarly publishing and marketing, a modest amount of travel, and a lifelong love of novels.

Amanda holds degrees in English from Salve Regina University and Boston College. She lives in southern New Hampshire with her family and a precocious pet poodle named Snickers.


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Captivated By The Millionaire by Nina Singh

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Captivated By The Millionaire by Nina Singh Author
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Genre – Contemporary
Page Count – 250 pages
Publishing Company – Harlequin
Goodreads –…/43885915-captivated-by-the-mill…

They’re not looking for love…until love finds them.

On paper it just shouldn’t work. Jess is a bohemian artist who loves her life in the close-knit community of Martha’s Vineyard while Jordan is a millionaire bachelor, CEO and a “bright lights, big city” guy. There’s no denying the attraction between them, but neither are in the right place for a relationship. However, fate and an adorable little girl entrusted to their care have other ideas.



Nina Singh lives just outside Boston with her husband, children, and a very rambunctious yorkie. After several years in the corporate world, she followed the advice of friends and family to ‘give the writing a go, already’. She’s oh so glad she did. When not at her keyboard, she likes to spend time on the tennis court or golf course. Or immersed in a good read.


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Claimed Royalty : (Crowned and Claimed Series, Book 1) by Betty Shreffler

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Claimed Royalty : (Crowned and Claimed Series, Book 1) by Author Betty Shreffler
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Genre – Romantic Suspense, Royal Court Fantasy Romance
Page count – 357 pages
Goodreads –

In a world where a woman’s purity is the fine line between being Queen and being killed, he was given one duty—to protect my purity and above all, to protect me. Both were a battle we weren’t ready for.
Forced by tradition, and as their chosen Queen, I must endure my trials and the suitor phase, ultimately giving myself to a man from the Royal Houses. Each one competes to be my King, all wanting what no other has had…my purity.
To have what I truly want would risk my entire reign, but to do what is expected of me would destroy my heart. My only protection is to follow through, giving each royal the opportunity to win their prize…me in a bedroom suite and a crown atop their head.
Behind closed doors, I commit my biggest sin, loving a man I’m forbidden to have. When the time comes for me to be crowned, I’ll be forced to make a choice—risk our love or risk my life.
From the Author: This story contains multiple men pursuing and having a relationship with the lead heroine. Series may not be suitable for readers who dislike love triangles, ménage, or why choose reverse harems. This series is as sexy as it is suspenseful. Packed with romance, drama, action, and unexpected twists. Once you start, you won’t want to put it down.


Betty Shreffler is a USA Today and International Bestselling Romance Author. She writes sexy and suspenseful stories with hot alphas and kickass heroines with twists you don’t expect. She also writes beautiful and sexy romances with tough women and their journeys at finding love. Betty is a mix of country, nerdy, sassy, sweet and a whole lot of sense of humor. She’s a fan of photography, reading, movies, hiking, traveling, wine, and all things romantic. She lives with her amazing hubs and three fur babies in Tennessee. If she’s not writing or doing book events, then you can find her behind the lens of a camera, in the woods, or sipping wine behind a deliciously steamy book.


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The Way You Are (Carolina Connections Book 5) by Sylvie Stewart ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

The Way You Are (Carolina Connections, Book 5)The Way You Are by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on ‘The Way You Are.’ It kind of snuck up on me and my newsfeed as a new release just three days before it was to go live and thus hit my kindle and I have to say it was a long three days. But, I was grateful that I didn’t have a longer anticipation time lol. I absolutely adored the first four Carolina Connections Novels. Noting that this is the fifth book in the series, these are all written in a way that they could be read as standalone’s. However, the characters from the previous books also make guest appearances here and there, so that is a bonus!

‘The Way You Are’ was such a funny read. It balanced the perfect amount of romance and comedy just like we are used to seeing from Sylvie Stewart. This is partly why I absolutely can’t help but one-click everything from her. Of course the romance had the zing that made you want that tall glass of wine and a fan. Sylvie has a knack for that slow burn build up too! I could honestly gush about the writing for days but…. onto the goods.

OH, Olivia, Liv… I loved her. Sometimes I wanted to yell at her and others I wanted to cheer for her. A lot like she hackle all those players. Liv loves her baseball. She loves her boyfriend. At least she thinks she does. He is perfect. The ballplayer of her dreams. But, there is her best friend that is starting to look really good. Like, not just friend zone good.

Brett gives up. He really likes Liv. But there is that friend zone. He is infamous for it and really it’s just made it to the point where he is just focusing on his career and enjoying what and who he does have in his life at the moment. What will happen when his chance finally comes and the prince charming messes up big-time?

Review by@lizaileen
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