Dark Feathers by Natalina Reis – Review by Katie Kearney

Dark FeathersDark Feathers by Natalina Reis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark Feathers by Natalina Reis. I was very interested when I read the description and I’m so glad I picked this book up. Most of my reading time I have to really be in the mood for a fantasy type story but I fell right into story with such ease I was so surprised when I was done because I read it so fast. I was definitely sad when the last page came. The characters truly draw you into their fascinating world. It’s well written and paced nicely never feeling rushed. This author knows how to capture readers and make them never want to come back to the real world. Five stars all the way!

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Drawing Strength From Words (A Four Horsemen Novel Book 2) by C.A. King – Review by Katie Kearney

Drawing Strength From Words (A Four Horsemen Novel Book 2)Drawing Strength From Words by C.A. King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drawing Strength From Words (A Four Horsemen Novel Book 2) by C. A. King. Once again the author takes readers on quite the adventure. I holy recommend reading these in order as the story continues. While this is one the shorter side it doesn’t hinder the storyline being told. I found myself on pins and needles more than once anxious to see what was going to happen. This author draws you in and you just want to stay a while. I was definitely sad when I was finished and can’t wait for more. The characters are complex and written so well. The storyline is well paced nicely. I’m so excited to see where we are taken next! Four stars and highly recommended!

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Eternity (Captivity Series Book 3) By Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk – Review By Caralee Loonat

Eternity (Captivity Book 3)Eternity by Sarah Biglow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eternity ( Captivity Book 3) by Sarah Biglow and Molly Zenk
4 Stars!!!!

What an absolutely fantastic finale book. I found that the authors have such a wonderful group of characters and a refreshing plot and story. I found myself unable to put this book down. I really enjoy paranormal stories and characters. I felt as though I was there in the midst of the action.

I really found myself associating with Lorelei. She has so much to lose but so much to gain and I felt as though I was going through the emotions and drama as she was. I like how she is able to grow and move on from her past and how she is able to change the world she lives in. I really found that the authors were able to bring the plot and story to a great ending. The characters draw the readers into the drama. I really would like to read more from the authors in the future.

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