Broken Pieces by Judith B. Pinkard – Review by Debi Kircher

Broken PiecesBroken Pieces by Judith B. Pinkard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Broken Pieces by Judith B. Pinkard

5 Amazingly Awesome Stars

Oh my goodness, when I read the last page I wanted to go right back to the first page and start again…This was an amazing story, written so beautifully and …Oh my heart!!

I literally could not put this book down, and I want more from this author…Not even going into the biography I read and just mentioning the writing…Oh my…Simply beautiful that’s all I can think to say on that.

I have to thank this author for sharing this story, I was so impressed with her outlook on life while growing up in what most of us would consider major dysfunction, but she always kept that positive outlook on life and loved with all she had. This is such an inspirational story and her faith was always there even before she realized she had it.

I just can’t say enough about this book..I am in awe and totally speechless.

There’s no doubt in my mind there was a real life miracle written about in this book and it took my breath away.


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The Devil’s Pride (Wild Beasts Series Book 1) by T. Birmingham – Review by Debi Kircher

The Devil's Pride (Wild Beasts Series Book 1)The Devil’s Pride by T. Birmingham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Devil’s Pride (Wild Beasts Series Book 1) by T. Birmingham

5 Stars only because that’s max, this is an off the star chart read.

Sad I’m done with this book, but happy because I can go right back to page 1 and read it again 🙂

I normally start a review talking about the characters of the book and leave my feelings to the end, but I am putting my feelings first for this one so everyone that doesn’t hit the see more will still see them. I do not normally read paranormal romances or paranormal stories of any kind but this one for some reason caught my attention. I was scared because they normally don’t hold my interest and I then don’t finish the book, which I hate which is why I don’t read them. THIS BOOK!!!! I don’t even have words to tell you how good this book was written, it had me from page 1 and refused to let go till I was finished, and I don’t feel like I took a breath throughout the entire story. This author is AMAZING, and I can not wait to pull up her website and grab anything there that’s part of this series…I want more, and I’m sure you will too. So if you are anything like me and don’t read this book because it’s a paranormal story trust me and give it a will LOVE it!!

Alexia Maria Garda-Martinez has always known she was different, and if she didn’t know it most everyone let her know by calling her a demon and showing fear when they looked at her. With her red eyes, blood red colored hair, and pale skin. She’s lived for years in foster care and state homes, usually ending badly and forcing her on to the next, she thought she had a home until tragedy struck and she was without a home yet again, until the Martinez’s. Where she now has a family that she loves and that loves her. She has a great career, a full life and a wonderful best friend/roommate Mindy. Along with some very vivid dreams that she can not explain or forget about involving a dark, mysterious man she has named Midnight.

Devon Waters was forced to leave Montville, New York, and his twin brother Cam fifteen years ago. Now he is back trying to reconnect with his brother, who is a detective working on a case, a brutal family murder with unexplainable clues.

There are forces at work in this small town, a war between good and evil. All of the characters in this story are drawn into this war in one way or the other. The story focuses a lot on Devon and Alexia, but there are other characters as well that are just as important.

I can’t even explain anymore of this book, because I could go on for days telling this story, all I will say is that it was outstanding and I do highly recommend it and the epilogue….ugh!!

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