Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Stephanie Robb

Targeting Dart is the fourth book in the Satans Devils MC Series by Manda Mellett. We follow two perspectives Dart, a hard nut to crack and Alex who cannot see how beautiful she truly is. Dart is happy in his position in the MC with no ties or connections he can do what he wants. Alex is a single mum in desperate need of money for her son. Desperate people do desperate things, what will Alex do to save her son?

In my opinion, this can be read as a stand-alone although there are some points made about other characters in the book that could spoil previous books. The book is well written with a well-developed world and fantastic character development. Its full of twists and turns, I felt like I was going to get whip lash! this heart jerking and hard hitting book will sure hit you in all of the feels.

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Ashley Hasting

We’re continuing on with the Satan Devils Saga with Dart. Heart has finally awoken, but doesn’t want anything to do with the gang or his daughter Amy. The gang is still taking care of her in the meantime while they try to give him time. Meanwhile, Dart meets a short black woman named Alex who tries to get a job as a dancer at the strip club, but not to strip. We meet her son in the process as well as her husband who needs to be an ex. Drama is left and right but so good! Keep listening to this series!

Targeting Dart ( Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett- Review by Lauren West

To start the narrators of this story were amazing. The voices fit the characters to the T! The story itself was full of action, suspense, romance, and of course an amazing HEA. Dart was a man who just lived his life with not much thought on up or down or more or less. He was a simple man who came across Alex who was a complex woman. Alex was strong, loyal, fierce, and a complete bad a**. Together they were everything and had a connection that no one else could rival. This author has rocked the MC world as usual and given us a great story that is not easily forgotten. Loved this book and loved the audio even more.

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by M Policicchio

I don’t know how this author keeps finding ways to make these books better and better.  If I haven’t said I love this series before, let me say it now.  I LOVE THIS SERIES.  The characters are strong but gentle, loveable but deadly, make me laugh out loud but serious.  If it wouldn’t mean giving up my adoring husband and adapting a completely new lifestyle, I think I would find a way to become an old lady of one of the Satan’s Devils!! 


Dart, a known hit’em and quit’em kinda of guy, falls hard for a woman that is not his type and might even cause a stir in the club.  Alex is running from her abusive, cop soon-to-be-ex-husband.  She is doing everything she can think of to stay off anyone’s radar.  She even takes a cash job for the Satan’s Devils.  Dart seems to be able to resist the pull towards Alex until he meets her son, Tyler.  When Alex’s soon-to-be-ex kidnaps both Alex and her son, Dart and the brothers seek to get her back.  It works until Dart, Mouse, and Slick discover that brothers in a different chapter are plotting against them and are working with a dirty cop.  The suspense in this one kept my earbuds hot!! 

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Kerry Baker

This series is such an incredible series and I love the way it has been brought to life in audio book format. As with the others, the author has done an amazing with this story. It is engaging, fast paced, exciting and full if truly interesting characters. I was pulled into the story.
It thought it was Narrated really well. I could easily imagine everything going on and it made the story that much better. This was another great addition to this fantastic series.

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Another fantastic addition to this MC. This is Dart and Alex’s story. Dart is a member of the Satan’s Devils. Not interested in becoming an officer or finding an old lady. He just wants to hangout with his brothers and ride with the bikers. No Commitment! Alex has left her abusive husband and taken her son where he should be safe. The husband, being a detective, can follow her wherever she goes. Unbeknown to Alex. She moves across states, and now her most important job is to find a job. This is another strong independent woman who is determined to make it on her own. Get her son safe and raise him to be a respectable man. That is all you get from me, no spoilers will be seen here. This author has once again given us a hair raising fast paced suspenseful story. This is one of those times when I wish I could give more than 5☆’s. This story is an add on to the others in this series. I recommend you start with book 1 and work your way to this the 4th book in the series. Get to know the other characters in this series and follow along. You won’t be disappointed, but you will give your emotions a workout. I am looking forward to listening to book 5 in this series.

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Dawn Daughenbaugh

5 Stars

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett


Just when I thought I couldn’t love this author and series any more than I already did. Boom I start listening to them through audible and my hearts just explodes with each book that I listen to. The narrators do an amazing job of bringing the characters to life and keeping your attention. They change their tones with each character and I feel like I’m right there in the story. They make it feel so real.  The twists and turns  still had me on the edge of my seat.  Get ready to be taken on one heck of a ride with this book. So if you haven’t already started this series  I highly recommend listening/reading this book.  I can assure you you won’t be disappointed.  I’m a huge fan of not only this author but of the Romance/MC genre. I can’t wait to listen to the next book in this series.

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Katie Matthews

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) AUDIO BOOK

By Manda Mellett

5 stars


I’m going to be honest that although I absolutely give this 5 stars because the writing is great and the storyline – it’s probably my least favourite of all the stories and I can’t really put my finger on why. Maybe I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I wanted or something I’m really not sure but what I do know is as usual the story is excellently written with a great pace and flow. The characters were a little harder to get to know but they were really well developed and I liked to see other characters from previous stories pop up as well. I did like the connection that Dart and Alex had – I just wish that Alex knew how special she was regardless of how she thought she looked! The narration of the audio book was excellent as always.

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Sunday Barnaby

Targeting Dart: Satan’s Devils MC #4 by Manda Mellett

Narrated by Sierra Kline and Logan McAllister

Five Stars


This author has written another Smoking Hot Book! The Satan’s Devils is a 1% MC and this author brings both the good and the bad to light in this series. Dart and Alex are my new favorite couple. This book was fast paced and full of action. This book is well worth your time to listen. I can’t wait to get my hand on the next book/ audible in the series. 

What can I say about these narrators? They were brilliant and spot on with this one.  They brought the characters to life. Their narration flowed and had me feeing like o was right there in the middle of the action.

Review by @sunbarn

Targeting Dart (Satan’s Devils MC #4) by Manda Mellett – Review by Deb Robinson

Targeting Dart (Satan's Devils MC #4)Targeting Dart by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished this audio book and my gosh what a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It is good I had an audio book because the tears were streaming down my face. If I have to vote, I’d say this is now my favorite book from this author. So much happens in this book you will not want to stop listening. Alex is broken but yet still has strength to overcome the worst of the worst. Dart is given an opportunity to grow in his role at the club due to unforeseen circumstances. This book starts off with a bang and never lets you go. Some extremely sensitive issues are brought up in this book. If you have read any of the prior books in the series. This is a must must must read. The narrators are the best I have listened to and will drag the emotions out of you whether good or bad.

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