The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand By Me Novel, #4) by Brinda Berry – Review by Angela Shirley

The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand By Me Novel, #4)The Possibility of Perfect by Brinda Berry
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The Possibility of Perfect is the friends to lover story involving Dane and Josie best friends for so long that one night may change the dynamic of the friendship forever.

Dane, Josie and her twin brother Leo have been friends since they were young but as the friendship between Dane and Josie grew into best friends Dane has always since his teenage years had a crush on her. Until in their adult life they indulge in one night of passion but will the friendship survive.

Josie has always had a thing for Dane even as teenagers she has wanted to be more than friends. Until one night when they were just having a movie night the lust over took both of them and she has one night of passion which rocks her world. Although the weeks after the act there friendship becomes awkward and comes to a point at a friend’s wedding. Dane corners her at the wedding and wants to talk through the awkwardness but unfortunately Dane makes things worst by suggesting options other than the one Josie is really looking for which a relationship with this sexy man.

Josie starts to feel nauseous and is discussing this with her brothers girlfriend Harper who suggests she may need to take a test, when Josie givens in a takes the test her world is thrown into turmoil. So Josie tries to escape to the family cabin to get her feels in check but Dane followers her their where she tells him the news.

The story goes through the ups and downs of the relationship between these characters, I love the vulnerability for Dane’s character and the added factor of his family history and somehow this being the reason why he did not want children and also the fact that if he starts relations with his best friend will they be able to sustain the relationship with the added pressures of a family. I have not read the other three books in this series and I followed the story in this book as a stand-alone. As this is the first book I have read by this author I will definitely read the others in this series.

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