Candlelight (An Ember Saga Novella) by Stacy McWilliams – Review by Anna Hirsch

Candlelight (An Ember Saga Novella)Candlelight by Stacy McWilliams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Candlelight by Stacy McWilliams
4 Stars

Legend says that when Lucifer fell to earth, he married Gweneviere and she bore him three children. Lucifer and Gweneviere descended to hell where they resided as king and queen. When their children died, they returned to earth where their children were reborn time and again. Their children continued to procreate and the demon population rose.
Nathan’s father is the eldest son of Lucifer therefore making his family the most powerful. Nathan is the middle child and feels like he’s the odd man out. It seems nothing he does is good enough for his family. If he acts like a mortal to fit in, he gets severely beaten by his mother. When he acts like a demon, he gets tortured by his father. He can’t figure out what they want.
Nathan begins dreaming of a girl with long brown locks and mesmerizing hazel eyes. She is his calm within the storm of his life. Her face eases the pain after a good whipping. She’s there every time he closes his eyes. He knows all the contours of her face by heart. Isn’t he surprised when she shows up at his house as his sacrifice. Will he be able to kill her or has she already captured his heart?
This short novella is the prequel to Luminosity and Ignition. I highly recommend reading this first to fully understand the other two.

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