Connie by Tracy Lorraine – Review by Tracy Manderson

Connie (Angel #2.5) by Tracy Lorraine
5 out of 5 stars

I have read every book in the Angel series and I have loved them all. We met Connie and Fin in Emma’s book and this story picks up where Emma’s book ended.
Connie and Fin have an unusual relationship they grew up together and Fin is Connie’s brother Rubens best friend. They have had feelings for each other since they were both young.

Connie is a strong young woman. She has a successful business, an amazing family and now a great best friend. There is something missing though and no matter what she does she can’t put him behind her.
Throughout the years they tried fighting their feelings by moving on. Unfortunately their feelings for one another are too strong .I loved the hidden interactions between Fin and Connie they were epic.

Fin’s jack the lad persona is helping him to hide a lot of secrets. His friends think they know all there is to know about him but they are very wrong. Fin has become the master at hiding his pain and struggles. Fin has one weakness though, and she is getting harder and harder to resist and he knows she’s something he shouldn’t be allowing himself to have. He knows the possible consequences for his actions but he’s powerless to stop himself until the actions of his best friend forces his hand.
Can Connie move past the secrets that Fin has kept to himself? Will Fin Let Connie in enough for her to help him? Can their love overcome the obstacles in their way? Will they have their happily ever after? You really need to read this story to find out but I highly recommend you start with the first book in this series…..
I can’t wait for Lily’s story!!!!!
By Tracy Manderson

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