Skypunch (Ascenders #2) by C.L. Gaber – Review by Jana Teppih

Skypunch (Ascenders #2)Skypunch by C.L. Gaber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Skypunch is the second book in C.L.Gaber’s Ascenders series and absolutely you should not read it before you have read the first book! You get a fairly good introduction into the story line but in no way it is good enough to really embrace the universe the author has created!
I jumped instantly into the second book when I finished the first book, it was late in the evening but I did not care! I was so wrapped up in this magnificent epic cinematic world that I could not wait to see what comes next! I do not want to give anything away so it is a bit challenging to write the review but what I can say is that this book was even better than the first book, the descriptions were outstanding and to the extent that you could easily picture everything in your mind – the colors, the shapes, the characters, the suspense…The suspense was intense, there were so many twists and turns and many of them were totally out of blue!
The book ends with a cliffhanger, there will be at least one more book (but I can imagine there could be many more) and I cannot wait for it. In some ways it reminds me of the other great series where the authors have created other worlds that entrance us and never let us go and that make you think that maybe, just maybe, it is all possible!
C.L. Gaber has included a wealth of life lessons as she did also in the first book – what is a friendship and can it be broken, every action has a consequence and yes, there are some rules that cannot be broken… The lessons are natural part of the story and in no way come across as preachy and some of them are uttered by historic characters that we actually associate with them.
I recommend this series to everyone, young and mature, there is something for everyone, you will not regret the hours you will spend with the characters!

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The Fix (The Carolina Connections #1) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Jana Teppih

The Fix (The Carolina Connections #1)The Fix by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The debut novel The Fix by Sylvie Stewart is the first book in her Carolina Connections series. It is an absolute charming 300+ pages of fun with a lot of laughter! It is a perfect combination of humor and romance and you get pulled into the story even if you try to resist!
I absolutely loved the quirkiness of Laney’s life with her young son Rocco and her brother Gavin and her best friend Fiona and the Irish love interest Nate. The pace of the story is fast so you don’t even realize that it is more than 300 pages, yet you do not feel rushed. The plot feels very realistic and you can just picture this snotty mother at the day care looking down at Laney, we all have met those mothers … I love how Nate finds his way into Laney’s life and forms a relationship with Rocco.
Very often wit romantic books you get a lot of drama and sobbing and hurt feelings but here, you get witty dialogue and funny misunderstandings while still feeling that it is all real and you could just bump into the characters down the street! The author has a very vivid imagination and a way with words, just wait until you ‘hear’ Rocco’s songs or Fiona’s ‘unintended’ double entendres.
I am looking forward to the second book of Carolina Connections and I totally recommend this first book to anyone who is looking for a good laugh, some steamy moments and real emotions!

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Ascenders-High School for the Recently Departed (Ascenders, #1) by C.L. Gaber – Review by Sheri Schrader

High School for the Recently Departed (Ascenders #1)High School for the Recently Departed by C.L. Gaber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ascenders: High School for the Recently Departed by C.L. Gaber is the start of the Ascenders Saga. This is an interesting paranormal young adult book. The idea is new and interesting and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. The story is about the recently departed Walker Callahan. She is now attending high school in the Realm. This is where teens go when they pass away. Life continues for them and they must keep going to school and learning.
Once at the school Walker meets Daniel Reid, who passed with his siblings in an accident. His mission in life is going back to rescue his baby brother who did not make it to the Realm but is caught as an Earth bound spirit. The Realm is a place of almost no rules. The only rule in the Realm is that you cannot go back to earth. How will Daniel get around the rules? Will Walker take this path with her new love Daniel?
I really enjoyed the new concept and look forward to where this series will go. The addition of deceased celebrities as the faculty was a fun addition. Where else do you have class with Kurt, Heath, Steve, Julia or school counselors George or Miss Elizabeth? Also the concept of teens being able to keep progressing is a nice concept especially when you consider how many have a life cut short by an accident or illness.
Reviewed by @sherimichelle1

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The Dragons of Alsace Farm by Laurie L.C. Lewis – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Dragons of Alsace FarmThe Dragons of Alsace Farm by Laurie L.C. Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Agnes is an 82 years old widow who has lived a hard life and is now battling Dementia. She lives alone on her farm, Alsace and is haunted by her past, ghosts and dragons. Sarah, her neighbour is her one link to a normal world. Noah Carter’s tragic childhood has left him a shy and unsure loner. He has made a life for himself in Myrtle Beach South Carolina but that life is about to be turned upside down as he finally faces and Uncle who has been searching for him for many years. Finally reunited with family and to help ease Sarah’s burden, Noah finds himself at Alsace farm helping the often confused old lady. Tayte was left alone and neglected as a child and finds it hard to trust and let people in. As she arrives in town for the funeral of her estranged parents, Tayte is reunited with a Grandmother she has not seen since she was a little girl. The unlikely three are thrown together, under very trying circumstances, with each of them fighting their own demons and secrets from the past. Will they each be able to heal and find their own redemption and love and be able to make a normal life or will they fail in this thing called life? Will the secrets be too much and cause trouble than they can handle?

The Dragons of Alsace Farm is a very emotional journey and the characters definitely capture your heart. It is well worth the read.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Dream Hunter by Ramona Fern – Review by Jenni Bishop

Dream HunterDream Hunter by Ramona Fern
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Living in the quiet town of Huntly, Scotland, Julianne decides there must be more than the life she is living in this small town. Huntly is a town where everyone knows everybody’s business. A town where her ex boyfriend, won’t believe they are over not matter what Julianne does or tells him. It’s the town where she dreams of her hunter, her fantasy ideal man, a man whose face she has never seen.
Jackson her best friend, the boy she has loved her whole life, has returned from living overseas and out of her life for years. Julianne and Jackson pick right up from where they left off but he has a secret to tell her. A secret he is not sure how she will take.
Julianne meets Angus Adams, a geeky man, a Baron, who has returned to town after his father’s death. A man who has not lived in Huntly since he was a young boy. But on top of all this she is dealing with strange and often gruesome occurrences that are getting more twisted with each happening. Leaving all around her to worry for her safety and leading her to the most magnificent place she has ever seen.
Will the secret Jackson reveals to her, hurt her more than he can know and cause trouble in their relationship? Will Julianne learn more about the geeky Baron Angus Adams? Will her dreams come true and will she finally find her dream fantasy man who will give her everything she has ever wanted? Will she find the truth behind the strange occurrences before it is to late? The main character Julianne just cracked me up but I felt for her along the way. If you like something a little witty with romance then this book is for you.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Running On Empty (Fleur de Lis #2) by A.L. Vincent – Review by Jana Teppih

Running On Empty (Fleur de Lis #2)Running On Empty by A.L. Vincent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Running On Empty is the second book in the Fleur de Lis series (I am not sure how Catch and Release fits in here as it seems to be between the first and second book) and you could read it as a standalone but I really recommend you to at least read the ‘Tangled Up In You’ as it will give you so much more insight into the people involved and the dynamics and relationships.
I cannot give fewer star than 5, Ms Vincent continues to blow me away, I literally lived in the shadows along with Grace and Gabriel. I cried with Grace and felt the frustration and helplessness that Gabriel felt and I rooted for them and listened to the songs they sang and pictured the hot and humid Louisiana in my mind and heard the music in the French Quarter and went bar hopping on Bourbon street and laughed when Carly fell off the mechanical bull.
Ms Vincent touches upon the issues that so many of us women we fall victims of and I just love the way she helps Grace to find her way back to herself and then helps Grace and Gabriel to finally find the way to each other. Thank you for a fantastic Sunday that I spent with the boonies in Bon Chance smelling the air and the food and hearing the laughter and feeling the love. You make me to believe that love can be found in the most unusual places! I will be on a lookout for the next book and meanwhile I will finish Catch and Release!

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Under Ground (Under Ground #1) by Alice Rachel – Review by Bobbi Wagner

Under Ground (Under Ground #1)Under Ground by Alice Rachel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Under Ground by Alice Rachel is a dystopain romance that is haunting and suspenseful This story is about living in a society that is not what would be acceptable in today’s world, fighting for what you believe in could cost you everything. This story is full of suspense, excitement and a touch of romance. The author created characters that will pull at your heart strings and characters that you would rather just knock on the head. It has been awhile since I have read a dystopain story that holds your attention from the first page. The characters will take you on a journey that will cause you to feel a various emotions but it is a journey you will want to take.

Thai Clay is a seventeen year old that was born in a society where women have not rights and no chance for a bright future. Her parents has sold her into a marriage to a man she doesn’t know, doesn’t love and has caused her to be depressed. What kind of person is he? Will she like him? Will he marry her? What will happen when she meets another man? Will he change things for her?

Chi Richards was born illegally and has been forced to hide from authorities most of his life. He is part of the under ground rebellious group that planning to overthrow the government. His only goal right now is to save his parents from the prison camps. What will happen when he meets her? She wasn’t part of his plan, what will he do now? He never expected to have feelings for her, how will this effect his plans?

Thai and Chi’s relationship is one that is forbidden and could mean a death sentence. Will they risk everything to be together? How will she react when his secrets are revealed? If she relies on instinct to make a choice, will it save her or will it destroy her? You will love how the author has made these two characters connect. Their feelings for each other are dangerous and taboo, how far are they willing to go to be together?

This is my first story by Alice Rachel and it certainly won’t be the last. Alice loves spending time with her husband and guinea pigs. When she is not writing, she teaches French, reading and drawing. This author has created a story that you will read in one sitting. This story is a page turner and will leave you wanting to see what will happen on the next page. You will totally lose time while reading this story. These characters will make you feel what they are feeling, you may even want to have a box of Kleenex sitting next to you. I highly suggest this story as I know you will love to read what happens on every page of this story and will enjoy reading it as much as I have.

Review by @bjwagner
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Part of Me (Friendship, Texas #3) by Magan Vernon – Review by Jana Teppih

Part of Me (Friendship, Texas #3)Part of Me by Magan Vernon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Part of Me by Magan Vernon is the third book in her Friendship, Texas series. It is the first one I read and yes, you can read it as a standalone though I think one might benefit from having read the other 2 as well.
Friendship is a town in Texas and as we know everything is bigger in Texas and Magan does not disappoint us! It is fun and quirky and emotional and thought provoking and makes you laugh so hard you pee your pants and makes you cry so you reach for the box of Kleenax.
The writer has a way with her words, she paints a picture and it starts from the first Chapter. I have to admit that it took me a bit to get into the story as at first it felt as if it is a high school story but as I read along, it pulled me in and I realized that it is NOT a high school story and that Sofia is actually someone who has had to grow up fast and knows the lows of life. The same about Johnny, he is not the jolly go fellow who works hard on swimming but parties the rest of the time, he is very attentive and caring and considerate.
I love how the author writes about very important and sensitive issues in a goofy and sweet way. You will not regret picking up this book and spending couple of hours with Sofia and Johnny. I know that I will go back for some more Friendship, Texas stories!

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Fated by A.S. Roberts – Review by Stacey Baxter

FatedFated by A.S. Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Frankie accepts her dream job which is located in New York but she’s excited for the change plus she gets to live with her best friend who already has apartment over there. Frankie has been through a lot but she’s strong and is ready to put all the grief behind her. Will she truly be able to move on? What happens when someone from her person comes back into her life , can she forgive and move on or will the demons of her past hold her back, Alex is this sexy alpha ex military now business man during week to rugby captain at the weekends , when he see her again he remembers everything about her even her smell he wants her but he knows she has her walls up so he has to go about this slow and he know he’s got a lot of explaining to do.
This story is great I loved Frankie she’s strong and feisty when she needs to be which makes her even more real , Alex is all alpha and dominate but there is a sensitive sweet side to him which makes you feel all warm inside and makes him even more desirable . I also fell in love with the other characters her best friend Bella is absolutely amazing she has Frankie’s back and is smart mouthed at the right times makes you smile and chuckle to yourself when you read some of the things that come out of her mouth , Nathan Alex’s younger brother is the sexy smooth talker who is as a ladies man but also has a heart of gold you will love instantly. The novel is a greatly written you can imagine yourself in there world visualise everything around them and you get hooked to there story which is the main thing it really is a wicked novel really enjoyed every second of it .

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Bad for You by Charity Ferrell – Review by Shannon Fowler

Bad For YouBad For You by Charity Ferrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bad for You is a story about Nautica and her love for her brother’s best friend, Bracken. Somewhere along the way Bracken and Nautica were told that they must not have feelings for each other much less hook up. Of course, bratty little sisters and grown men don’t always follow the rules and the chemistry between these two is super hot. Even after they try to get each other out of their systems, there is more chemistry and hotness to come!
There are several stories inside Bracken and Nautica’s story which makes this book well worth the read. Nautica’s best friend, Macy is the kind of friend we all need, caring, funny and loyal. She’s looking for her own true love. Bracken’s parents have issues, which could be another story altogether. Nautica’s father passed away years ago causing Nautica’s brother, Simon, to become very protective of Nautica And their mother.
When tragedy strikes the whole family, who will stand strong and who crumbles under the devastating pressure? Will love be enough? Can time heal all wounds?
I loved these characters. I loved the way Ferrell makes these characters feel so real, drawing the reader right into their world. There is heart break, love and just the right amount of intrigue giving this story a little of everything. Only one thing I didn’t like was Nautica’s reaction to Bracken after all the bad things happen…ugh I don’t want to give anything away so just read this story and see if you agree, personally I think I would have reacted differently. I highly recommend this story and hope there are more stories to come!

Review by @shannonlovesbooks

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