Bad for You by Charity Ferrell – Review by Shannon Fowler

Bad For YouBad For You by Charity Ferrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bad for You is a story about Nautica and her love for her brother’s best friend, Bracken. Somewhere along the way Bracken and Nautica were told that they must not have feelings for each other much less hook up. Of course, bratty little sisters and grown men don’t always follow the rules and the chemistry between these two is super hot. Even after they try to get each other out of their systems, there is more chemistry and hotness to come!
There are several stories inside Bracken and Nautica’s story which makes this book well worth the read. Nautica’s best friend, Macy is the kind of friend we all need, caring, funny and loyal. She’s looking for her own true love. Bracken’s parents have issues, which could be another story altogether. Nautica’s father passed away years ago causing Nautica’s brother, Simon, to become very protective of Nautica And their mother.
When tragedy strikes the whole family, who will stand strong and who crumbles under the devastating pressure? Will love be enough? Can time heal all wounds?
I loved these characters. I loved the way Ferrell makes these characters feel so real, drawing the reader right into their world. There is heart break, love and just the right amount of intrigue giving this story a little of everything. Only one thing I didn’t like was Nautica’s reaction to Bracken after all the bad things happen…ugh I don’t want to give anything away so just read this story and see if you agree, personally I think I would have reacted differently. I highly recommend this story and hope there are more stories to come!

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