Savage Collision: A Hawke Family Novel by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Colleen Noyes

Savage Collision: A Hawke Family Novel (The Hawke Family Book 1)Savage Collision: A Hawke Family Novel by Gwyn McNamee
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Savage Collision by Gwyn McNamee is an incredible mix of romance, love, lust, heat, and just the right amount of suspense to keep it interesting. It’s a story about two people who each have their own struggles, hang ups, and walls coming together in the most unexpected way.

Savage Hawke is a man’s man, good looking, powerful, successful and sexy. He exudes all the power you would want in a partner, rough around the edges but a natural born protector.

Danika is the type of woman who walks into a room and commands the attention of everyone there. A woman who puts up with nothing and let’s you know she’s in charge. She has a confidence about her that make the women jealous and the men pant. A woman who will give you a run for your money in the control department.

When their worlds collide in the most unexpected way it takes your breath away. As you read this story you can feel the tension in the room every time they are together. You feel the disgust, the passion, the lust, the heat, the anger. Savage runs a very unsavory business and Danika can’t wrap her head around it. She immediately jumps to the conclusion that he is a disgusting example of a human being. However, you know what they say about don’t judge a book by its cover.

Danika has a job of her own that is becoming increasingly dangerous and she will soon discover just how dangerous. Each of these characters have a past that has built them into who they are now. There are secrets, tragedies, family dynamics, friends, enemies and so much more. This book will take you on a full range of emotions from laughter, to tears, from heat, to ice, from hatred, to love. It will make you stop and think about so many aspects, about what you can give, what you can accept, the true meaning about what love is and isn’t about.

The author did a perfect job of adding more than one layer to the story. She has begun to build a foundation for the secondary characters and you can’t wait to see where they go and if they will show up in future books. I hope this will be the first in a very long line of books with these characters.

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