Addiction by Angela McPherson – Review by Jenni Bishop

Addiction (Distraction #2)Addiction by Angela McPherson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heather, Elle’s sister is in Rehab for a drug addiction but Elle doesn’t know, she hasn’t seen or heard from her for months. Months and months of worry over where she is or if she is even alive. Their father has told Heather that he will take her home for christmas but pulls out at the last minute. He pays Heather’s airfare and after much debating manages to catch the flight. Elle and Tristan are finally together, so in love and going strong and they have just arrived home
to celebrate Christmas with family. Heather finally contacts Elle and tells her she will be home for Christmas. After enjoying Christmas day they receive a call that will change their lives forever. Elle is not able to deal with the terrible tragedy pushes Tristan away, the one person who loves her more than anything and vowed to be there if she fell. Tristan tells her he will wait but for how
long? Will Elle be able to forgive and find what she needs to continue a relationship with Tristan? I understand what Elle is going through but I just wanted to smack some sense into her. Having said that I really like this story and the characters Elle and Tristan. Angela has a way of writing that draws you in.

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