Skypunch (Ascenders #2) by C.L. Gaber – Review by Jana Teppih

Skypunch (Ascenders #2)Skypunch by C.L. Gaber
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Skypunch is the second book in C.L.Gaber’s Ascenders series and absolutely you should not read it before you have read the first book! You get a fairly good introduction into the story line but in no way it is good enough to really embrace the universe the author has created!
I jumped instantly into the second book when I finished the first book, it was late in the evening but I did not care! I was so wrapped up in this magnificent epic cinematic world that I could not wait to see what comes next! I do not want to give anything away so it is a bit challenging to write the review but what I can say is that this book was even better than the first book, the descriptions were outstanding and to the extent that you could easily picture everything in your mind – the colors, the shapes, the characters, the suspense…The suspense was intense, there were so many twists and turns and many of them were totally out of blue!
The book ends with a cliffhanger, there will be at least one more book (but I can imagine there could be many more) and I cannot wait for it. In some ways it reminds me of the other great series where the authors have created other worlds that entrance us and never let us go and that make you think that maybe, just maybe, it is all possible!
C.L. Gaber has included a wealth of life lessons as she did also in the first book – what is a friendship and can it be broken, every action has a consequence and yes, there are some rules that cannot be broken… The lessons are natural part of the story and in no way come across as preachy and some of them are uttered by historic characters that we actually associate with them.
I recommend this series to everyone, young and mature, there is something for everyone, you will not regret the hours you will spend with the characters!

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