Taking Tiffany (Breaking and Taking #2) by M.K. Harkins – Review by Jenni Bishop

Taking Tiffany (Breaking and Taking #2)Taking Tiffany by M.K. Harkins
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After her high school boyfriend cheated on her Tiffany has sworn off relationships. Tiffany and Jain keep trying to set Todd up with women and fail to notice that he happens to have his eyes on someone. Now Tiffany finds herself at another fundraiser trying to set Todd up once again with a long lost friend. When said friend turns up Tiffany has to come to terms with her true feelings for Todd. After Tiffany is accosted by her drunk ex boyfriend Todd comes to the rescue and gives in to his feelings. Tiffany and Todd talk and decide to give it a shot but strange things start to happen that seems that someone is trying to keep them apart.

Rich socialite, Angela, has been sent to Romania to work at an orphanage for a year by her parents for all the trouble she caused. She has spent all her life lying and manipulating and her family want nothing to do with her. When she arrives Angela wants nothing to do with Romania and the appalling conditions she finds there. Through Ivy, Angela starts to find a side of herself she has never known and realises just how little money can make you happy.

Lurking in the background is someone out for revenge. A plot has been hatched to kidnap Tiffany and make others suffer. While Tiffany thinks she is out for a day of fun, everyone else is trying to find her after receiving a ransom letter.

Will Tiffany be found in time and who are her kidnappers? Will Angela be able to face her past and make amends for all the bad she has done?

M K Harkins has done it again with the next instalment of this series. I love the characters and enjoyed the stories of Tiffany and Angela. You will love this story and won’t want to put it down.

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