Fixing Fate (Pleasant Valley, #1) by Anna Brooks – Review by Jenni Bishop

Fixing Fate (Pleasant Valley, #1)Fixing Fate by Anna Brooks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As Mellie stands looking at the house her grandfather has left her, Mellie realises she has done the bravest thing she has ever done in her life, driven by herself away from her safety net, to a place she has never seen. Taking a look around she discovers that the place needs more work than she expected and even though she knows she has a crew coming to do the repairs she decides to make a start on things. Mellie becomes scared out of her mind when she realises she is not alone in the house but once her panic attack subsides she realises it is her brothers friend, Smith, the one who is going to do the repairs. Smith comes to realise that something bad has happened to Mellie and knows he wants to be the one to help her, protect her. He knew it was bad but when he finds out exactly what happened to her it makes him even more protective of her. Jay, Mellie’s brother is a detective and is trying to juggle his job and keeping an eye out to protect his baby sister. It now seems that there is more than one threat to her life. Can both Smith and Jay keep Mellie safe? Can Mellie finally get over being frightened and having a normal life? Can Smith finally find peace with his past?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and my heart ached for them as I went on this journey with them.

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