Cherishing You (Thirsty Hearts Series #3) by Kris Jayne – Review by Jana Teppih

Cherishing You (Thirsty Hearts Series #3)Cherishing You by Kris Jayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cherishing You by Kris Jayne is the third of the series and it is the second book by Ms Jayne that I read. I read the fourth book couple of months ago so I am sort of going backwards you could say.
I gave the fourth book 4 stars and recommended it but I would give this one five stars and recommend it even more (I am planning to read the first and second books as well as I want to know how we got to where we got to with this book).
As I had not read the previous books leading up to the story, I did not have any preconceived notions about Shannon, we get glimpses into her previous actions and get a feeling that she was not such a ‘nice’ person the second book of the series but in my eyes, it simply means that she is one very complex character and I am looking forward to getting to know her even more.
I read this book in one setting and it has been a while since I cried as much as I did with this book and I am telling you, they were not happy tears … I feel for Shannon, it takes a lot out of her to turn her life around, to keep fighting for her right to be loved, to deserve to be loved, gain loyal friends …
The book shows us how through hard work and determination and forgiving ourselves we can raise like a phoenix from ashes and get onto a right path … it is though the person themselves who needs to want it and who needs to look oneself in the eyes and say “no longer will I be in denial, no longer will I let myself to be stepped on as I have the right to love myself and be loved”!
Thank you Ms Jayne for an amazing book, despite bowling my eyes out and having hard time to fall as sleep as bits and pieces of the book kept interfering with it, you created characters that stay with us, make us think and isn’t that what great books are supposed to do?

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