Distraction (Distraction, #1) by Angela McPherson – Review by Jenni Bishop

Distraction (Distraction, #1)Distraction by Angela McPherson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tristan has been happy attending the University where he is playing what he loves, football. It wasn’t his first choice but he sacrificed it for his best friend, Elle, after his father threatened to ruin her chances. Encouraged by his fiance, Kellie, he applied to the same Uni she will be attending and has been accepted. Kellie knows Elle and Tristan are best friends but she does not like the closeness between them and feels threatened especially now since they will be attending the same college. Tristan has not told Elle about Kellie and is worried what Elle’s reaction will be when she finds out about his engagement to Kellie.

After the transfer Tristan finally contacts Elle and lets her know about Kellie and his transfer to the same Uni. Elle is taken aback at this news and tries to hide her feelings for Tristan, the one she has loved her whole life. Elle tries to be friends with Kellie and get over Tristan but finds she can’t. Alyssa, Elle’s other best friend gives her the kick she needs to move on and starts to date Eric. Tristan is given an ultimatum from Kellie, it’s either her or Elle but Tristan refuses to give up Elle, the girl he has loved his whole life.

Will Tristan and Elle finally be brave enough to tell each other how they feel or will they continue to make do?

I really wanted to smack some sense into both Tristan and Elle but enjoyed this story along with the background stories. If you enjoy contemporary romance, then this is a book for you.

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