A Taste of Utopia by L. Duarte – Review by Jana Teppih

A Taste of UtopiaA Taste of Utopia by L. Duarte
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A Taste of Utopia by Luciana Duarte blows you away! I cried and I laughed and I cried and I could not fall asleep as the images I got in my head while reading the book refused to leave me … You are amazing, I am humbled by your talent of creating characters that resonant so much with one that it is so hard to let them go!
This story is not an easy or light romantic read, it is beautiful, amazing, steamy and romantic with some really heavy baggage that BOTH of the main characters carry with them. They are PERFECT for each other, they balance each other out, they enable each other to express the sides they have suppressed or that they think they have no right for …. It is a journey to discovering what love means to one, how a completely broken person can be put back together when they meet the right person and when they open themselves up to the possibility of love … We will meet again Luna and Caleb and Caleb’s parents from Fall Out Girl here but it is not continuation of their story!
I have always been drawn to words and the emotions and images they evoke and I am telling that after having read two books by Ms Duarte that are linked with each other, she is a master with words! You have no choice but keep reading as you are caught in the net from the first page on and you know that there is no escape until you have reached the last page …
Do yourself a favor and read this book, you will not regret the time you will use for it, it will make you to appreciate your life or it makes you to re-evaluate your life, you will NOT walk away from it untouched!

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